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A little piece of desert.

A little piece of desert.

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  • Rarebird10

    Aaaw! Just stunning with the crisp blue sky peeking out from the side. The creamy gray clouds. The perfect kiss of sun to highlight the cacti without steeling away from the shadow show. Perfect.

    Made me think of a Christmas in Phoenix AZ. I was a little girl and we were staying with my great grandparents at their snowbird ing trailer home. There was a huge not yet tumbling tumbleweed centered in their large lot. We decorated it as our Christmas tree. I even got to talk to Santa on the CB. Funny how a beautiful picture can pull up memories so special. Thanks for that and happy scenic picture hunting!

  • twoinvenice

    Great shot! It really captures something that lots of people don’t understand about the Sonoran desert: it’s not at all like fucking Tatooine or the Sahara.

    When you hike out in places like that all of those plants, obviously the saguaros but also the other ones in the background, are taller (and sometimes much taller) than human head height. It’s doesn’t feel at all like hiking in a barren wasteland but rather a very pokey scrub forest.

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