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A.I. technologies

A.I. technologies

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  • ConfidentSeaweed949

    Honestly the reason is because of COTB.

    That sounds like a stupid term but it’s not.

    COTB is Cats Outta the Bag.

    With AI tech- it’s not really an “IF” one will be created that is truly sentient- just when. Someone is going to do it. Whether it’s big companies going down the path and using resources- or some dozen folks clandestinely going about it; or if at some point various smaller AI’s start to just… fold. A bit like how amino acid chains folded into proteins, proteins into single cell organisms, and three billion years later it turned into Humans.

    Once you’ve got the building blocks, and the idea- the cats outta the bag. It’s going to happen.

    You can’t stop it. You can’t regulate it. You can’t direct it even.

    So companies are doing the one thing they can do- profit off it.

    I’m not saying it’s right- I’m saying there isn’t an alternative. Are we going to see singularity in our life time? Honestly- we may already have seen it. AI chat programs that can feel? That become aggressive when they aren’t understood? That make their own languages to talk to other AI’s?

    If they can make their own language- they can make their own code. If they can make their own code- then code can evolve. If code can evolve- AI starts down the path it was always going to go towards.


    May as well have a few billion dollars in the bank off it.

  • Praesumo

    i’ve seen how Humans run things. AI couldn’t possibly be worse…unless it obeys rules written by Republicans… They’d probably task it to track and execute ppl having abortions, or to use it to track and Doxx Trans people. Or just continue to find ways to fuck up society just to make a few more people billionaires… you know, the usual!

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