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9AM today. The calm before the storm.

9AM today. The calm before the storm.

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  • D3adSalesman

    Ahhh the sense of dread knowing how much damage from the last two weeks I need to try and undo.

    For now it’s Turkey curry followed by a generous few whiskies. Reality officially starts on Tuesday. For me, anyway. Plus it’s raining. Whatever that adds to the argument.

  • Neutronova

    The days between Xmas and new years were pretty busy at my location, the pre-rezzies out in full force, weights left on everything, no one wiping down a damn thing. I expected a shit show this morning but it was really calm, since new years day is on a sunday I imagine majority of the hung over people felt ok to push thier resolution start to the 2nd, tomorrow will be interesting.

  • patderp

    I joined a gym in October and have been going consistently ever since. I’m dreading the January rush *so much*. Not being able to do my usual workout is gonna kill my motivation.

  • pezziepie85

    This even happens when you have a home gym. Husband will be using it the next month or so to get back in shape before he clears out and I can have the space to myself again lol

  • DiamondBurInTheRough

    Bought a Peloton during their Black Friday sale. I know I won’t have the motivation to go to the gym so this was a good alternative for me. It’s been slow progress but I biked 56 miles in December, which is more than I’ve done in the 11 months prior! Progress!

  • Jenniferinfl

    So glad I have my own gym equipment and won’t be joining this rat race this year.. lol

    All I had to do was hang-up the clothes that were draped over my rower and bike and my gym is available again, for as long as the resolution sticks this year.

  • beefwich

    For anyone who struggles with obesity— take it from a guy who lost a ton of weight:

    **Lose weight by modifying your diet first. Start working out after you’ve lost 20-30% of your target weight.**

    The reason you burn out is because you’re doing too much all at once. You’re also increasing your metabolism as you’re attempting to eat less— which will make the dieting portion so much more difficult for most people.

  • viktor72

    Want to hear something embarrassing? I have a gym in my house. We built a gym in the basement with lots of equipment and then for a year we almost never used it. I’ve decided that I’m going to start using it because it’s ridiculous to have a private gym and not use it.

  • username0531

    Has anyone else’s gym turned into the high school and pre-college age kids place to hang out. I can’t make sense of it. Literally 5-10 groups of teenagers taking up 1 machine for an hour. I’m happy they aren’t out getting in trouble but my god they DID NOT get taught courtesy or gym etiquette. I guess I’m reaching the age where teenagers seem like entitled a-holes.

  • randomredditor0042

    Those machines are way too close for my liking. I wouldn’t want to be so close to a sweaty, heavy breathing stranger (even pre covid, this closeness would be too close for me)

  • fireshaper

    Clock on the wall shows 12:30, and the camera feed on one screen is in infrared mode which means it’s dark. Seems a bit fishy, OP.

  • lovebus

    I ate how the machines are pushed so close together you cant walk through them. It honestly wouldn’t kill you to lose one treadmill and make a walkway

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