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4 months as a landscaper laborer

4 months as a landscaper laborer

4 months as a landscaper laborer

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  • altiif

    As a physician who sees skin cancer in patients weekly please make sure you’re wearing sun block AND wearing clothing/coverings that are SPF as well

  • Blutrumpeter

    If you’re white and your skin has changed that much then you should really look into some protection. Also look into stronger sunscreens because I’ve heard reports of people from other climates buying sunscreen and then coming here (Florida) and still getting sunburnt. Most the sunscreen isn’t really made with the idea of being outside the entire day for multiple days lol

  • Gazimu

    I would be dead. I just turn red and then white again. Get sunburn even with Sunscreen. Worked like a month outdoors at a zoo one May and I was peeling skin and getting sunburn where the new skin was being revealed.

  • Pancake_Mix_00

    Consider SPF 100 and long sleeve shirts.

    A lot of western wear is designed to not make you hot as shit but still protect your arms. Check out AG Gear, they’re like the Nike of manual laborers

  • NotObviouslyARobot

    Dress like a Mexican day laborer. Its comfy and keeps the sun off.

    Big wide brimmed hat, preferably straw. Most heat is lost through your head, so the semipermeable straw hats let you cool off. Jeans. Undershirt, and longer overshirt with long sleeves. The fishing type ones are too fragile. Wear the over-shirt loosely buttoned.

  • BillyBartz

    Look into breathable hoodie shirts. Like SUPER thin breathable material but still long sleeve to protect from direct sunlight. I got one for long hiking trips and it’s awesome.

  • BloonH8TR

    Relatable. I worked in roofing with my dad as a worker on the ground. Had to throw away the rubble and set tarps on the ground. Did this for two summers and my arms got a lot darker as a result. Went back to normal but a little tanner. My sister and I have a chuckle at how my arm and bicep are different colors lol

  • Throwawo948484

    Please find clothes that protect you from the sun. Skin cancers are incredibly dangerous and I hope you’ll be able to find more protection from the sun. Wishing u the best. If you ever find any moles that exhibit the ABCDEs, I want you to visit a doctor:

    A = asymmetry > if you draw a line through an asymmetrical mole, the halves won’t match.
    B = border > uneven borders
    C = color > more than one color
    D = Diameter > larger moles
    E = Evolution > moles that suddenly evolve in size/color/shape/crusting/itching.

    not every above characteristic means you have a melanoma or even a precancerous mole. However, it is very important to carefully check yourself every once in a while and visit a doctor if you have any suspicion. Especially be aware of moles that look significantly different from other moles on your body. Wishing u the best!

  • theparallelgirl

    My dad was a sheep farmer in New Zealand for the first 30 odd years of his life, he was out 12+ hours a day and never wore suncream.
    He recently had to have half his face carved off in his 70s because of aggressive skin cancer.
    I also worked in the outdoors, look into light weight spf long sleave tshirts. Also, remember that sun cream needs reapplication.

  • Isaiahmd14

    Definitely start wearing long sleeve SPF shirts… you can get ‘em cheap on Amazon and it makes a world of difference. I’m darker then you, but I started wearing them 2 years ago and it’s a a huge difference while landscaping. It takes a couple weeks to get used to but will be well worth it and you don’t feel as beat up by the sun at the end of the day.

  • ParticularGoal3221

    Also, if you go outside, remember to wrap yourself in at least fifty layers of bubble wrap and wear a helmet at all times. *Fu×××× reddit basement dwellers don’t know what a suntan looks like. The comments here are insane.

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