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3 hours to update Witcher 3. I’ll be “playing” it the rest of my life.

3 hours to update Witcher 3. I’ll be “playing” it the rest of my life.

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  • Synner1985

    Sure beats the:

    * hours to install / troubleshoot
    * boot up game
    * play for 5 mins
    * find a literal game-braking bug
    * time to uninstall and throw the game away because it’ll never be updated days 😀

  • Manjorno316

    Am I alone in feeling like this died down a bit with the new consoles? Since I got my Series X the longest waiting I’ve done is installing new games. Longest installation was The Master Chief Collection at just over an hour.

    Updates have all been done under 30min.

  • FurnaceGod

    If you know you are going to have alone time at a certain moment, either update it now or make a reminder to check if the game needs to update like a day before your alone time.

    If you don’t know when you’re going to have alone time, maybe check on the game from time to time to see if there’s a new update or if it’s coming up, maybe follow some page about the game, and update it when it does get an update.

  • YesterdayNeverKnows

    Strange. What console are you on? I downloaded the big new next gen update when it first came out and it’s been smooth sailing from there. Haven’t had to wait for an update once.

  • posananer

    This is why I don’t have warzone on my Xbox. I don’t even play it really and whenever I would want to play a couple rounds of shoot house or whatever it would be a 92gig update everytime. So I installed everything BUT warzone. Seems to have worked out well.

  • z0mb13k1ll

    So thankful for the govt grant here to run high speed internet to rural areas. Now everyone out in the country where I live has symmetrical gigabit fiber

  • bambinoquinn

    I literally carved out some time to play fallout 4 for the first time today. Told me it was ready to play. Started it up, its been installing for 2 hours so far. And the carved out time is now over

  • dandroid126

    Steam has an auto update function, right? Just have your updates automatically run outside of your gaming hours. I never even see my games update on Steam.

  • Higira

    You prepare before your event happens. I have friends who meet up and on the time we are supposed to game together, they can’t get their mic working properly… then a whole hour is wasted.

  • demios78

    Sounds like someone misses Stadia.

    No management needed. No installation needed. No waiting for years for equipment to come in. No updates because you can just connect to an already updated server. Can play anywhere with a decent sized Internet connection. HD streaming.

    Just use GeForce Now. About $10 a month to save your 3hrs of updates.

  • ATrayYou

    I have two solutions for you
    1: play something the fuck else
    2: play it without updating it? The game is over 7 years old I’m sure it’s in a perfectly playable and complete state already

  • left_light

    Witcher 3 was a very welcome update imo, I wouldn’t complain even if it took a week to dl. New content, QoL changes, visual enhancements, bug fixes, and more, all for free? We need more of this.

  • Tails_chara

    That’s why my life is planned so i wont have this problem. No partner, work least possible time, remote is a must have. I’ve got like 6 hours a day to play games, since i can take care of most things during my work time (they dont mind what i do as long the work is done in certain time frame).

    It’s not for everyone, but for a lone wolf like me its perfect.

  • JColeTheWheelMan

    Flight simulator 2020 was like this. Stuck at an updating screen that runs your GPU full tilt while you wait for a 30gb update.

    I really liked the game, but I bowed out a couple years back and don’t plan on returning until they have a better update system.

  • looncraz

    Just had this happen a couple days ago… wanted to fly around in MSFS20, but it needed some MASSIVE updates since it doesn’t update through Steam and only when you launch the game… I just watched YouTube videos, was bed time before it was done.

  • InfiniteTree

    This is poor planning or failure to learn the system you’re using. Either way, this one’s on you. Maybe try looking at why something happens instead of just complaining.

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