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25 Years ago today, Final Fantasy Tactics was released

25 Years ago today, Final Fantasy Tactics was released

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  • Which-Palpitation

    I’m hoping so much that it gets released again, whether it’s streaming or a remake like they’re doing with Crisis Core

  • InflamedLiver

    And never has that level of insane gameplay, character customization, and weirdly deep political philosphy also featuring a blood god ever made again.

  • LogKit

    Incredible game – I’m surprised other publishers haven’t released similar model games (Fire Emblem sort of I guess? But not quite as good/customizable).

  • Roastage

    Man could this do with a sequel. Such a deep game and a great story. All the customisation systems etc. it was just an all around fantastic game.

  • Cmdr-Asaru

    An amazing tactical game with great political intrigue that I sunk over a hundred hours into. Looking back, though, it desperately needed an easily accesed tutorial / in-game guide for new players to understand the tactical and strategic layers. Most of my time playing was blindly experimenting with different class builds and abilities with no idea what I was doing.

    That, and I feel like many of the characters could be fleshed out more. I get that it’s a political story with a bit of the classic JRPG “kill God” objective on the side, but most of the important cast felt like nothing more than set pieces for the plot to move forward. After their major contributions the story mostly leaves them on the sidelines or sitting in the party like regular soldiers you can recruit.

  • ForestSuite

    This was the game that taught me to make multiple saves as a child. I got up to a specific series of events (boss name spoiler: >!Weigraf’s Transformation!<) leading to a boss fight and opted to save in between scenes. I then proceeded to get my butt handed to me in every way imaginable until I realized I had to start over.

    An important lesson was learned.

  • randomCAguy

    So I’ve played through this game 20 years ago, but I was more into the standard JRPG format at the time, and I’ve forgotten everything. I’m super interested in playing through for real now.

    Is the definitive version the emulated version of War of the Lions (PSP) with the patch to fix the slowdowns?

  • Eddie_P

    One of my all time favorite games. I found a copy at a used game store a while back, and almost bought it and a PS1 just so I could play this game again. Shoulda done it.

  • zzzzzuu

    Favourite game. Shoutout to Triangle Strategy if you’re looking for some tactical/strategy gaming.


  • tuffymon

    I still got fingers crossed on all that leak info that happened before the start of the year. Actraiser, Chrono Cross, FF Origin, already came out, FF9 was mentioned soon, there’s been leaked store pictures of Tactics Ogre… all that’s left from the prophecy is FFT. With the 25 year anniversary having happened, and FFBE WOTV (JP side is getting the FFT collab rerelease very soon). The outlook is looking good~

  • sweetrollbandito

    My favorite game of all time. I beat the game and 100% it every summer. In fact, I’m going to start my playthrough right now.

  • demilitarizdsm

    After playing this game probably 10 playthroughs over my life I still say mime is a meme build and if you’re going to meme build a punching archer is still better.

  • TheCatbus_stops_here

    I have never forgiven Delita for running away with my hard earned gear. At least, Jowy in Suikoden 2 had the decency to return all the items to me before he betrayed me.

  • 10_Eyes_8_Truths

    Don’t know what SE is thinking not revisiting the tactics games. every tactics game they’ve released were great

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