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1995 Hippy highschooler loves you

1995 Hippy highschooler loves you

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  • pacificule

    Last Friday I met with a fashion designer client and told her about a dress I once wore for Halloween. My mom’s old flowy mirror-embroidered gypsy dress from the 70s. She asked me to see if my mom still had it and if she’d sell it to her. Along with the puka shells. I hadn’t thought about any of that since the 90s.

    Ffwd to last night when my wife asked me for a divorce. I was devastated. Been drinking all day and just now out of the blue one of my old besties from grade school thru high school (who i havent spoken to in years) texted this pic OF ME IN THAT DRESS. So random and proof that the universe works in mysterious ways.

    The advice I would give 17 year old me in that pic could fill a James Joyce novel. He has zero idea what’s around the corner and down the road.

    Just wanted to post it cuz I’m fucking dying inside but loving life at the same time. No matter who you are or how old you are, just know that life will come at you from every angle and love will always win.

    Love, peace and bacon grease to everyone who sees this ❤️✌🏼🥓

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