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$115.93 of groceries in Australia

$115.93 of groceries in Australia

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  • The_Scourge

    Didn’t take your own bag. Imagine what you could have bought with that 15 cents.

    Or you could have skipped this whole clearly extravagant shop and gotten 5-6 smashed avs on toast at a local cafe. Or a nice lunch for two in Darling Harbour in Sydney. Or two movie trips unless it’s Tuesday. Or a tank of petrol. Or a few months passable internet. How about a fifth of a quarterly electric bill? 2-3 pizza deliveries for a family of 4?

    120 bucks does *not* go far in Australia these days.

    Went to the Sydney Aquarium this week with a relative from the US — $150 for 3 adults. For an hour, max. Christ.

    ABC news recently took Coles to task for their old “feed the family for ten bucks” slogan, proving every dish was now easily over 20. Shit’s basically doubled in ten years.

    Yeah, you splurged a fair bit in this pic on brand items but cost of living here can be kinda bonkers unless you really go out of your way to budget, bargain hunt and avoid dining out.

  • ninshin

    Have to say, salt is extremely cheap if you don’t go for sea salt, branded frozen food is expensive, mutti is the premium brand. Loose white button mushrooms instead of those, plain cheapest pasta instead of branded stuff, it all depends on what you pick and if you only get basics and cook from scratch you won’t be spending as much

  • SurlyDave

    Plenty of cheaper substitutes on their website. You paid:

    $18 for $1.50 worth of salt.
    $16 for $6 worth of tomatoes.
    $12 for $6 worth of mushrooms.
    $16 for $8 worth of cheese

    There’s $40 in unnecessary spending on just four items. They must love you.

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