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10 Years Later, Max Payne 3’s Combat Is Still The Best (GTA 6 Needs This)

10 Years Later, Max Payne 3’s Combat Is Still The Best (GTA 6 Needs This)

10 Years Later, Max Payne 3’s Combat Is Still The Best (GTA 6 Needs This) from gaming

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  • robc514

    There was another game that came out around the same time that had an asian protagonist it and was very similar. Doing crazy moves to slow down time and kick ass. Can’t remember the title now though . EDIT: I’m thinking of Stranglehold

  • aspiring_dev1

    I don’t think any third person shooter came close to how good and fluid the shooting felt in this game. Incredibly satisfying. MGS5 has great mechanics too.

  • dracoryn

    I only played the first one. It was so dark and ahead of its time.

    The first time I dove in slow motion, I was hooked.

  • handsomewolves

    I played 1 and 2 and started 3 years ago. It was very very hard.

    The fact you didn’t get up automatically messed me up and the AI was very good at punishing you

  • madarabignoob

    Sleeping Dogs has fun combat mecanics mainly melee but the gun combat also includes slowing time and jumping around

  • TheOvy

    Yeah, when you have cheats on (notice how the bullet time meter never goes down), it plays a little more like the first two. But Max Payne 3 has the shortest duration of bullet time, the bullet-spongiest enemies, and being out of cover that long gets you killed right fast. It made MP3 a slower game compared to its predecessors.

    Max Payne 2, though, totally pulled this off. You could add bullet time while *in* bullet time with successive kills, and time would actually *slow further* as you racked up the kills, creating some pretty spectacular shoot-outs. It wasn’t designed for cover gameplay, either, and better encouraged movement through the environment. For my money, not just the best Max Payne, but the best third person shooter.

    It also just always bugs me how Max Payne 3 seems to have an unskippable cutscene between every room. Being able to bullet dive through a door to surprise unware goons in the first two games makes for a fun entrance, but a door in 3 almost always means “cut scene hiding a load screen which shows Max already being discovered, and so the gameplay begins with you already being shot at.” There’s precious little opportunity to set up engagement on your own terms.

    I know this puts me in a precarious position on reddit, since Max Payne 3 was a 360/PS3 game and has been played by more people. But I replay this franchise every few years, and Max Payne 3 is consistently a let down after Max Payne 2. Except for that airport terminal sequence (you know the one), it’s the closest Rockstar ever gets to feeling like a Remedy game.

  • gruntled-goat

    Probably an unpopular opinion but I honestly found the mechanics to be so dumb. I felt like the whole game was like a scene from Loaded Weapon.

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