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$0 Meal At Homeless Shelter, Bellevue, WA USA

$0 Meal At Homeless Shelter, Bellevue, WA USA

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  • naptown-hooly

    What is the name of the shelter? I’d like to see if they take donations so I can donate especially with Thanksgiving coming up.

  • Homelessnomore

    Once at the shelter where I stayed we got a donation of boiled crawfish. That was a nice day. As OP said in another comment, some days chicken, other days feathers.

  • jostler57

    My brother frequents or used to frequent that homeless shelter. Poor fool got caught up in meth and cannot or will not get clean.

    Not much family can do other than pray.

  • Dismal_Equivalent_68

    I never thought I’d see Bellevue and homeless in the same sentence. I was doing a yacht thing for a rich old Medina family…and I did see some fucked up individuals in the old town. Never really gave it a thought tho…I hope improvements come soon.

  • Poppa_Mo

    Better than public school lunches.

    We could still do so much better for both. Just by gathering stuff that is going to be disposed of at the end of the night but isn’t even expired.

    Really sad.

  • ernyc3777

    That’s honestly a solid meal compared to what I’ve heard about/seen in other cities. Sweet, savory, salty. Decent helping. Not just pure carbs.

  • Pulse_Amp_Mod

    I used to volunteer at a homeless shelter that was run by a Catholic Church. I volunteered cause my job has incentives to do volunteer work so I’m no mother Teresa. That shelter has bomb ass food. Like fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and coleslaw. These guys would come in and eat and then get ice cream cones for desert. Then their job was to wash all the dishes. Then they were able to shower and then Go to sleep in a bunk bed. I only stayed to serve the food and walk around and talk to all the guys. Then I left. It was very fulfilling work. I wish I could still do it it but I moved away from that city. I tried to volunteer at one where I’m at now but they said they didn’t need anymore volunteers. Every Tuesday was taco Tuesday. I’m not talking about Taco Bell tacos. These were street tacos served with rice and beans. We also got to eat the food and it was always good food that a non homeless person would buy at a restaurant. It only could serve 100 men. I always felt bad for the guys they had to turn away. Even though It was run by a church they never preached to them or anything. Just wanted to help some people out.

  • ImLemongrab

    I once read “the problem isn’t that America doesn’t have enough money to feed the hungry, it’s that we don’t have enough money to satisfy the rich” which is sadly the truth.

  • Lint6

    Years ago I did some community service at a Salvation Army store and they told me, if I wanted, I could get lunch at their soup kitchen next door.

    Was usually chicken or beef, always had some combination of rice/corn/mashed potatoes/green beans/succotash/mac and cheese/peas, then a dessert that was either cake or donuts that local bakeries had left over from the previous day, plus either a bottle of water or milk.

    Portions weren’t huge, but if you were hungry it was enough to hit the spot for a few hours

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