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You have to appreciate the self awareness.

You have to appreciate the self awareness.

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  • senorbozz

    Do I though? It’s just marketing and a moneymaker for her.

    If it was Dec 1st, sure. The Christmas creep is getting worse every year. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday itself, but I can’t stand that it’s taking over. I started seeing Christmas shit in Lowe’s in *September*.

  • Mumbleton

    Aside from the whole Christmas creep thing, the REAL problem is that Christmas is essentially right at the start of winter. I’m not a Christmas guy, but I appreciate that it puts everyone in a better mood.

    So, you put up the decorations, by actual Christmas everyone’s tired of it, then they all come down after New Years. Now it’s the New Year and you’re going right into the teeth of winter. It’s gray and cold and miserable and spring is months away.

    What if instead Christmas was early February? It gives Thanksgiving and Halloween a little more breathing room and now you have the Holiday Spirit to carry you through half of winter. It also minimizes the footprint of Valentine’s Day which is a bonus.

  • Shelly-Kort5

    A lot of folks don’t know she trained in opera before her first album! Those high notes take serious training. We adore you, Mimi!

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