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WW2 Museum in France. Couldn’t get away w/this title today

WW2 Museum in France. Couldn’t get away w/this title today

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  • usernametaken5648

    This is terrifying. I visited Pearl Harbor and it was eerily quiet and very somber. It was beautiful but it definitely has the feeling of “oh yea – so many people lost their lives here”

  • GangreneTVP

    That’s nothing. At a local funeral home they have one from the end of the war and it’s a large cover picture of a boot stomping a rat with highly exaggerated Japanese features.

  • blackdynomitesnewbag

    I’d bet that if we were to declare war on Japan, I don’t think papers would have reservations using the word Jap

  • jsf1982

    My grandad used to call them little yellow men 😭. Times have changed, I don’t personally think “japs” Is offensive though is it?

  • KillerJupe

    When Obama was elected, one of the major papers in the Philippines headline was, “the Whitehouse is now the blackhouse”

  • 2dadjokes4u

    Metal scrap drives at the time had a slogan something like “Donate scrap to kill a Jap”. Special pins were given away for reaching milestones (my mother had one recognizing 10 pounds).

  • An-Ignorant-Slut

    Countries at war generally don’t concern themselves with how they might be offending the country they’re at war with

  • HulkingGizmo

    You probably could actually, most people (including Japanese) really couldn’t care less about it. As it turns out, just claiming something is a slur and giving it an internet wiki page doesn’t retroactively make it offensive.

  • osopolare

    The word “Jap” is just the way you say Japanese in Singlish to this day*. It’s not considered pejorative, just abbreviated.

    *And perhaps elsewhere, but that’s the bit I know.

  • Clueless_Nomad

    If a sovereign nation (Russia, France, China, whatever) were to sneak attack an American base (on American soil) and kill 2k, they’d agree no doubt.

    I think your post does speak to the political polarization in Congress, but also to the lack of a singular thing to unify around.

  • JohnnyAK907

    We could if they just launched an unprovoked sneak attack that resulted in the deaths of thousands of servicemen and hundreds of civilians.

  • djordi

    I think people might not have the chicken and the egg historical context.

    Terms like “Japs” or “Nips” were like using “Brits” at the time before the war, or the build up to the war. Convenient abbreviation, but not yet a slur, even though anti Asian racism was definitely a thing at the time.

    Going through total war and a fully propagandized wartime society turned those terms into slurs. Now those terms are forever tainted.

    Bigoted people are good at turning “normal” descriptors into slurs, which creates a cycle in language as new descriptions appear and are potentially co-opted.

  • NorthernH3misphere

    Why is saying “the Japs” in reference to the Japanese considered bigotry but “the Poles” in reference to the Polish not?

  • DerpyMcDerple

    Yeah because if Japan attacked us today and killed 1500 people we should definitely have a politically correct headline so we don’t offend anyone.

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