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Wow that was worth the wait

Wow that was worth the wait

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  • Cortharous12

    Since when does Rockstar release games that don’t deliver? Haters love to hate, but I’m pretty sure it will be an incredible new industry changing game as always.

  • hurdygurdy21

    You mean Rockstar, the company that’s been milking GTA Online for a years, is going to be trying to get *more* money from their fans?

    What is the world coming to?

  • Racist_carbonara

    Rockstar doesn’t half bake new games, they will half bake ports and remasters or online modes but I don’t doubt the singleplayer experience will be amazing

  • Frency2

    Differently from some companies, Rockstar aims to make good games because thry know that if you make a good game, success and money is a mere consequence. They also couldn’t care less about posting every two seconds on twitter what they are doing or what their employees had for breakfast that day.
    The game is ready when is ready.

  • -JimmyTheHand-

    They have a pretty solid track record of putting out amazing games, I don’t know why anyone is worried. The criticism they get and deserve is from not supporting the single player aspects of their games post launch and instead milking the multiplayer for mtx.

  • vedomedo

    Obviously the multiplayer will be hell, just like gta 5.

    I do however have faith that the singleplayer will still be good. They proved that with RDR2.

  • Diablo4Sucks

    Why is everyone pretending the single player wasn’t one of the most detailed open worlds ever created.. with a 3 part over arching story and endless open world shenanigans… it was also critically acclaimed and one of the best selling games of all times. Also Red Dead 2??? Y’all trippin I swear

  • leospeedleo

    Ah yes we all know that Rockstar games have bad singleplayer full of monetization.

    I mean just look at GTA 3. Vice City. San Andreas. 4. 5. Red Dead Redemption 1. 2. all absolute shit singleplayer full of monetization.

    RIGHT????? 🤡😂

  • RowLow3890

    Why do people take the time to create a meme and post on Reddit before making sure the grammar is correct? Serious question? Also if it isn’t their first language then just rite it in your first language, no?

  • RangeUsed6663

    Rockstar never misses, 10 years of development and a 2 billion dollar budget, this game is going to be one of if not the most bought, sold and played video game in history

  • qwertpoiuy1029

    I’m more worried how this game is going to turn out after Dan Houser left. That’s a huge deal as he was the lead writer for the previous games. It’s going to change the whole vibe of everything without him.

  • Deliriousious

    I’m sure the Story mode will be good, considering Gta 5 and RDR2 were good…

    It’s the multiplayer that’s gonna be a cashgrab.

    I’m still pissed they basically abandoned RDR2 online mode, with the last major update coming out over 2 years ago…

  • beatlegus123

    I wonder why so many people love to immediately shit on something they know nothing about. I don’t recall RDR2 or GTAV needing any extra purchases for their single player campaigns. What would make anyone doubt Rockstar at this point? They’ve released two of the greatest games of all time in the last ten years

  • ShapelessUnicorn

    I’ve seen the consensus as it must be revolutionary. We need to be able to enter buildings and rob them. The map can’t be a stagnant, it must accommodate and facilitate land, air, and sea vehicles. We need NPCs occasionally interfering with the status quo and we can choose to interfere and benefit or ignore.

  • feicash

    If you dont expect them to make “another GTA V” with an Online mode that will take the whole attention, resources and money, idk where have you been the last 10 years

  • RedOcelot86

    GTA V wasn’t even that good. A third of the missions were more about “funny” dialogue than imaginative action. GTA isn’t even the best open world game anymore. A game where you steal cars and shoot stuff just feels like a throwback at this point.

  • Outrageous_Tax6916

    Some people don’t understand that for many fans GTA was such a good game because in the past they only tried to improve their game and it was all about gameplay. You could play GTA literally for over a year and replay the missions over and over without getting bored or find little things to do. Remember in the 2000’s when a gameplay came out of San Andreas? Yeah.. that hyped me a lot! there was so much little things to do in San Andreas and that kept me playing the game for a long time. then GTA V the same and online came out it was all good.. then they started to infest the game with shark cards and making shit more expensive and nerfing missions for less rewards and it became another job and the fun was taken out. now look at the state of GTA V.. I quit playing long time ago. People hope GTA VI won’t be the same but unfortunately we are in new times where new stuff is implemented but you can physically see the cash grab here and there so much. nowadays day 0 you can buy cash for a game that you haven’t even played yet and that’s the problem. The game I miss the most who was just perfect is San Andreas, but obviously now I played it to dead so even a remaster wouldn’t be worth it because it would be boring for me.

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