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Working on Minecraft must suck

Working on Minecraft must suck

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  • 4-5Million

    I would think that this would make it easier because they can just kind of copy the popular mods and put them in the game officially. Most people who play are on a console which doesn’t support mods.

  • certified_magician

    There should definitely be divisions within game companies that focus on compensating mod developers to get consent to merge their mods with the main branch of the game. The same group that focuses on DLC and maintaining updates should be provisioned to merge popular mods into the game. They could even offer royalties to the mod developers when they ultimately start locking these behind paywalls. Mods extend the playability of games just as much as DLC content.

    Mod menus should be built into the main menus of the game.

  • ImJustHereToWatch_

    I would pay modders a portion of the expected profit from whatever mod we implemented. Might even bring a surge of new modders (and new ideas by extension) hoping to get paid for work that they would previously have been willing to do for free.

  • Unity1232

    I mean some games are designed with mods in mind. Terraria and minecraft are basically kept alive because of mods. Honestly the devs of either game could just do bug fixes and let the community do the rest.

  • klovergui

    The Sims 4 is just like that. The modders community became so next level that some of the most famous modders were hired as part of the developing team for the next game (I’m not even joking).

  • WlNST0N

    Happened with Fallout 4, soon after release one of the most popular mods added the ability to make your own vaults. Probably took a fair amount of work from the moder, then soon after Bethesda released their vault tec DLC.

    Now I don’t think Bethesda stole the idea, Probably just a case of having the same idea and Bethesda took more time creating it.

  • shadowtheimpure

    The answer is easy, devs just refuse to use it: Buy out the modder. Either hire them or buy the rights to the mod from them.

  • Wilvarg

    The Rimworld devs just pick a couple mods, polish them, double or triple the content, add some flavor, and *bam* new expansion. It works great.

  • ArcadeAnarchy

    Don’t see the issue if people are using the mods they might as well just put them in the game. It’s probably better for the game since it’s not just added in and instead integrated into eh game so it isn’t slowed down.

  • officiallyzoneboy

    Honestly everything felt like it already been made but story mode can always be a different thing, but the features would probably be similar to an old game.

  • IceFire2050

    That’s a weird way of saying “Throws dart at wall of shit modders already made” and then just officially implementing it in a worse way.

  • POLlingPOTs

    Why would they come up with new features when they could just integrate the features that the community has already provided? Work smarter, not harder!

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