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Woman Paralyzed After Chiropractor Visit Tours Her New Home

Woman Paralyzed After Chiropractor Visit Tours Her New Home

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  • Im_blanking

    You know when you go to the chiropractor and you have to wait in a waiting room with magazines and a nurse at a desk calls your name when its your time to enter the sterile room with a very fancy looking bed/chair and a guy in a lab coat comes up and says some medical jargon like “I’m gonna re-align your c4 and c3 vertebrae and it will fix the problem”.

    Turns out that dude is not a doctor, the woman calling your name is not a nurse, the chair is just a second hand dentists chair, the lab coat he’s wearing isn’t given to him he bought it from ebay, the stethoscope around his neck is just there and he has no idea how to use it.

    A chiropractor is just a doctor if you ordered one from wish.

  • Sunsparc

    A friend of mine had the same thing happen to her but she fared a lot better. She’s basically the same person again she was before the incident but it was a long road back.

    A chiropractor performing an adjustment ruptured arteries in her neck. She had several strokes which cause a whole host of speech and movement issues.

  • LinFTW

    It blows my mind that anyone is still going to chiropractors. There’s been so much information and evidence in the past decade showing that they don’t do anything at best and can kill you in the worst case scenario. Every chiropractor should have their “license” removed and they should be barred from practicing any medicine for the rest of their lives. They’re no better than con artists.

  • UghKakis

    We don’t take chiropractors seriously in medicine and I’ll never refer a patient to one. I’ve seen a young healthy patient die from an arterial dissection after a neck manipulation

  • Chairman_Mittens

    A number of years back I was dealing with absolutely blinding sciatic pain. My doctor couldn’t help, a PT couldn’t help, and I was desperate. I would have shoved my dick into a weed whacker if I thought it might help my back pain.

    I knew 100% that chiropractors were bullshit, but I was so desperate, I decided to go to one anyway.

    The guy was incredible. He sat with me, listened to my concerns, was empathetic, and told me exactly what I wanted to hear. My skepticism melted away, and after some x-rays and other tests, I had an initial adjustment and was on my way. It felt great, and I thought I had finally found my fix.

    That is, until the pain returned as bad as ever. I had a few more adjustments, but slowly came to the realization that I was being conned by an amazing and charismatic salesman. And that’s exactly why these places are so popular; they are experts in taking advantage of desperate people who just want the pain to go away.

    Best case, the placebo effect will help your pain for a while, and you’ll be out a couple hundred dollars. Worst case is the poor lady in this video.

  • SeaMathematician9264

    believing in chiropractors is basically an intelligence test. if a person thinks chiropractors do anything useful, its basically proof that that person is mentally deficient and lacks a basic understanding of how the world works.

  • sweetwheels

    My uncle in law had his back broken 2 weeks ago by a chiro. Can’t understand why people continue to have faith in them. Completely bunk, no scientific basis.

  • sn34kypete

    >doctor: I’ve written you a prescription here. Follow that and let’s check in next week. It should help with your symptoms but if it doesn’t we’ll know more.


    >chiropractor sprinting to double kick you in the neck: say goodbye to IBS

  • Cheesesticks1977

    In the late 90s when chiropractors started becoming a fad, my aunt went for an adjustment and her chiropractor ended up splintering a bone from one of her vertibrea which pressed into a nerve causing her to lose all function of her legs. So yeah, instead of getting temporary “relief” from a chiropractor, go see a real doctor and physical therapist who can actually fix your problem.

  • ChillyCheese

    “This 3D rendering shows what *should* happen during a neck adjustment”

    Nope. That’s not what anyone should be doing to a neck. Amazing this story doesn’t even call out chiropracty as BS.

  • Santos_L_Halper_II

    I thought I had a stroke reading this title. I know all of those words but they make no sense together in that order.

  • iliveoffofbagels

    “And you won’t believe how it happened”

    ehhh no… i very much believe a chiropractor can fuck up like.

    Get a massage.. easy peasey no problem.

    Getting an “adjustment”… you are dumb as fuck.

  • arothmanmusic

    Your mileage may vary, but my wife had some major back and hip issues after the birth of our first child. Really threw her whole skeleton out of whack. She went to a chiropractor who specializes in women’s wellness and this woman worked miracles. Fixed issues with her body that no other practitioner had been able to resolve. My wife has gone back to her on a couple of occasions, but the issues seem to be resolved. No complaints and no negative consequences.

  • Geek_King

    Chiropractors don’t go to med school, they are not doctors. It’s a profession based on quackery. At best it’s ineffective at fixing issues, at worst it kills or severely injures people.

  • bambooboi

    Chiropractors = absolute and utter bullshit

    Chiropractors are not providers of any sort.

    Go to a massage therapist or physical/occupational therapy as a referral from your GP.


    Chiropractic therapy is pseudo science. Their colleges just print diplomas for money.

    See a registered Massage therapist or Physiotherapist instead.

  • Alastor3

    I went to the chiropractor last year for about a month to help with my neck, she never cracked anything since I didn’t wanted that but she used a machine to stimulate … something i forgot, anyway, after 2 months of ups and down and no result, I went to a physical therapist and have 3 sessions and everything went back to normal.

  • meresymptom

    My elderly mother was in agony with her back. Another family member insisted we take her to a chiropractor he thought highly of. The guy *insisted* that my mother say a prayer, even when she (an elder in her church and a devout woman for most of her life) said she was in too much pain. After string of holy platitudes about how God won’t give you anything you can’t bear (yeah, right) he twisted and prodded at her for several minutes, eliciting numerous moans and even several involuntary outcries of pain. After that, I did what I (an idiot and a bad son) should have done in the beginning; I took her to an actual doctor. She had a serious bladder infection.

    Chiropractors are nothing but charlatans and quacks. And what makes them even more dangerous is that they *think* they’re actual doctors. They’re not. Not even close.

  • wangel

    I’ve been in IT for years … and my dad swore by chiropractors.

    So much so, that I was seeing one. Super nice guy, I’d go visit 3 days week, they’d put some shit on my back, put a tens unit on me, then he’d adjust me etc etc. Had me doing exercises etc.

    One day he was having computer issues, he know I was doing consulting and asked me to look at it. I did, fixed the issues etc…. He waved my copay.. it was an easy fix etc.

    So, now I was fixing his computers and he said all my visits would be free. Awesome! Well, one day, I started having terrible pain my leg. He said it’s probably a pinched sciatic nerve. Did some adjustments, no relief.

    I ended up going to a normal doc, he gave me some muscle relaxers etc and wanted an mri done. Got that done, turns out I had a slipped disc. Saw a surgeon, he said I don’t need surgery but go see a pain doctor.

    I did that, got 3 rounds of shots in my spine, everything is fine. It helped SO much. The chiropractor did nothing for me. On top of all that, he said my visits where free — which they “where”, but I found out he was still charging my insurance.

    He was also all into homeopathic stuff .. selling super expensive cures that didn’t do shit. Con-men, all of them.

  • End3rWi99in

    Chiropractors are not doctors. What they do is not endorsed by any licensed medical professional. You’d be far better off seeing a physical therapist, or hell, probably even a massage therapist over a chiropractor.

  • r0botdevil

    I can’t for the life of me understand how or why anyone takes chiropractors seriously. The entire profession is a joke at best, and can be highly dangerous at worst.

  • Psilo_Cyan

    When a chiropractor does this its called adjustment

    When a doctor does this its called malpractice

    Insurance companies dont know shit. They consult “doctors” who are trained in other countries. Deny procedures like hip surgery, diabetes medication, diagnostic imaging and tests to detect early cancer when its operable and give the okay to cover chiropractors….. amazing

    Go see an osteopathic or orthopedic doctor if you want your spine aligned in a way that wont paralyze you.

  • Batracho

    Years ago when I was interviewing for med schools, one of my Dr interviewers saw an ad for a chiropractor on one of the bulletin boards in med school as we were walking to his office. He got visibly angry, ripped the ad and said “What the hell is this doing in a medical school?”

    Chiropractors are snake oil salesmen, it’s never worth taking your business to one one them. Best case scenario is you just loose some money, worst case scenario is something like this or worse. Go to an actual MD/DO or a physical therapist.

  • amitym

    Either a chiropractor is doing legitimate physical therapy, in which case you should be seeing a physical therapist, or they are a dangerous quack, in which case you should be seeing a physical therapist.

  • iqbalsn

    I have lower back problem that flared up here and then, tempted to go to chiro. But for whatever reason, that little voice in my head keep saying no and better to go to proper doctor.

  • 6Assets

    I can’t stress this enough, fuck chiropractors.

    I went for an adjustment and ended up with 3 herniated discs. It’s been 2 years of constant physio and I still have daily pain. It’s awful.

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