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why the outlaw Josey Wales is the best civil war movie

why the outlaw Josey Wales is the best civil war movie

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  • casualsubversive

    ***From a Southern perspective.*** You left out probably the most important bit of context in the video title.

  • buffordsclifford

    While I think he definitely views the confederacy with slightly rose tinted glasses in this movie, I did appreciate the portrayal of the Union man as rapacious war criminals because this is simply what war is, irrespective of which side has the better moral claim. When the troops roll into a war zone they all behave the same within certain parameters

  • [deleted]

    It contains some Civil War stuff, but it’s not a “Civil War movie” by any means. The war ends like 10 minutes into the movie and then it’s very much a western.

    Also, is this dude a legit confederate apologist?

    Hell, as someone else pointed out, The Good The Bad and The Ugly revolves WAY more around the Civil War, and actually takes place during it.

  • diamened

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is also a movie not about the civil war but in which it serves as a backdrop.

    Nevertheless, Josey Wales is a great movie

  • Nervous-Operation592

    Both Josey Wales and Gods and Generals are incredible movies. I also love very much the depiction of the
    Secession War in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, the movie doesn’t pick sides, it just shows us the tragic
    reality of a fratricide war.

  • respectthegoat

    Fun fact: the outlaw Joesy Wales is based off a book by the same name written by Forrest Carter. Forrest Carter wasn’t a real person however in reality it was Just the pen name for Asa Carter who was a famous KKK leader and speech writer for the over the top racist governor George Wallace who’s most infamous speech “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” was also written by Carter. At the time the movie came out none of this was know but once it did come out it was quite the scandal which is why Eastwood didn’t come back for the sequel and why it’s budget was almost nothing even though the first one was a hit.

  • Lucky1nce

    I’m partial to Cold Mountain for my favorite Civil War Movie from the Southern Perspective. Gone With the Wind is also pretty good.

  • C_TheQBee

    Gods and Generals was poorly directed or something. Robert Duval fit the role ok, and there was a moment where Stephen Lang seemed to channel Jackson during his meeting with RE Lee a night or so before Jackson was shot. Many actors seemed very uncomfortable and wooden and Chamberlain’s speech at Fredericksburg…{cringe}. Way under par compared to Gettysburg and even that one had its issues.

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