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Why the MPAA Hurts Us by Virtually Eliminating the G-Rating

Why the MPAA Hurts Us by Virtually Eliminating the G-Rating

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  • FunWelcome

    I feel like this remind me of all the time someone post about how they don’t make movies like American Pie anymore. Then you go to youtube,googleplay,vuda, or any place you can rent movies and see lots of VOD films like American pie. Basically it’s not that they aren’t making G-rated kid’s movies. It’s that they aren’t in theaters and you probably aren’t watching them.

  • miguk

    This guy’s rant was all over the place:

    * He wants G-rated *war movies* to teach kids the reality of war, but he complains about violence not getting stricter ratings.
    * He worries about negative effects of content, but can’t understand why smoking is handled sensitively.
    * He talks about how all sorts of films used to get G ratings (only referencing heavily-censored pre-MPAA ratings films that got retroactively rated), but ignores the fact that standards for how films were made changed dramatically during the New Hollywood era (when the ratings were first given to new films and official censorship was ended).
    * And on top of that, he ignores the fact that many of those old G-rated films wouldn’t get a G rating nowadays. Disney used to let smoking and violence in their animated films; they only got G ratings because it was a different time with different views on what is okay for kids.
    * He complains that he can’t tell if a film is okay for kids by the rating anymore, yet offers a bunch of perfectly fine alternatives in his own rant, negating the need for what he’s asking for.

    Ultimately, this guy is just nostalgia jerking for both a time he doesn’t even remember correctly and a time he never even lived through. (He doesn’t look old enough to remember the era of Hays Code films he wrongly calls “G-rated films for everyone.”)

  • lostwanderer02

    I think there is a stigma that G rated movies are only for kids so adults feel they won’t have the appeal or humor they find funny that would be more likely to show up in a PG movie. A PG movie is usually appropriate for families and has humor and innuendo that adults will laugh at that goes over kids heads.

    Ironically I think Disney (who were known for G rated kids films) actually outdid themselves and released two very good G rated live action films that aren’t just “kids films”. One was released in 1999 called The Straight Story (directed by David Lynch) and the other was The Rookie which was released in 2002. Both tell a mature adult story that I felt appealed more to adults than kids. It’s a shame there aren’t more G rated films like them.

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