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Who’s excited for this one?

Who’s excited for this one?

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  • LovelessSol

    *Another game to feast on the souls-like genre. I’ll play it because there’s not a lot going on around about that time, and it’s on GamePass, so nothing to lose. I’m typically not a fan of the clunkiness of movement like everyone is wading through Rishi Sunak’s man juice after denying a pay rise to wages, of souls-like games that artificially make games hard, but I’ll give it a go with an open mind!*

  • EducatingMorons

    I’m more hyped for their other game. Not that into Chinese mythology and weapon design. But the Ronin game looks insane.

    Still kinda looking forward to Wo Long despite what I think of China, not that many games that makes a good melee combat system these days.

  • Jellozz

    Looking forward to it but the beta test dramatically shifted my expectations. Was expecting something built off the Nioh formula but it’s really not. It’s much more mechanically simple and it’s hyper focused on its deflection system, the whole game revolves around it. Still seems fun but I don’t see myself getting totally addicted to it like I did with Nioh.

  • Strachmed

    Will try it when it’s out, as it’s on gamepass, but the gameplay videos so far look very unimpressive.

    It’s not out, yet visually it already looks dated and the animations look very choppy. Will see how it plays.

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