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Which wedding mission was more tragic?

Which wedding mission was more tragic?

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  • ConspicuousBassoon

    Ah, Sleeping Dogs, one of the few action games of the last decade to put actual effort into the story and writing

  • GravesForscythe

    Dude that mission got me so into the game, I remember being genuinely upset and wanting revenge. Lol any game that can make you RP out of emotion is great by me.

  • fish998

    >!I always do the ending where Kate dies, and honestly if you don’t date her she’s barely in the game, so no big loss.!<

  • WithFullForce

    Sleeping Dogs was up until this mission an Everyone 10+ game with people throwing around some kung fu and not as much as a gun in sight. With the wedding mission it wasn’t just that the story got dark, the actual game play significantly changed.

  • Soviet_soap69

    I played and beat sleeping dogs like not even a month ago, and for a 2012 game; it still feels more alive and more immersive than a good portion of most open world games today. Such a criminally underrated game.

  • Dirty_Arc

    GTA 4 easily. I’m currently playing sleeping dogs and it’s very fun and underrated, but the time you get with those characters is a fraction that you get with Roman. That red wedding part was barely halfway through the missions. Although it was much more intense and graphic than GTA 4, I didn’t get enough time to connect with the characters.

    In GTA 4 it was at the end of the game where you thought things were good. You spent more time with the characters and they were more apart of Nico’s life than Winston and his wife was to Wei. So that’s my reasoning.

  • SadLaser

    Easily Sleeping Dogs. What a good game. I got it on a Steam Christmas sale the first year it was out for literally 90% off. I felt bad that I paid so little for such a great experience.

  • IncognitoSlug123

    Sleeping Dogs, easily. GTA 4 was at a disadvantage though, trying for a big tragedy featuring an unlikable character in a goofy comedy game. Sleeping Dogs just had me better primed for drama.

    (Sleeping Dogs is also one of my favorite open world games, probably my #1 in the “steal cars and do crime” sub-genre)

  • BloodyReizen

    Both were tragic but Sleeping Dogs really hits harder. Just as you’re starting to get attached to the characters , shit his the fan and it kicks the plot into overdrive. I also like that Wei’s tuxedo gets bloodied and that blood never goes away.

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