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Which disgruntled 24 Hour Fitness employee wrote this nonsense??

Which disgruntled 24 Hour Fitness employee wrote this nonsense??

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  • BenTheWicked

    A chat bot, which isn’t all that impressive in itself. What’s super crazy is that they hired the chat bot and were giving it health benefits and paid time off.

  • Evshrug

    I can feel this! And I’m not disappointed by the chat about painting and the pursuit of your hobbies… it’s certainly more creative than pasting the standard “Lorem Ipsum” filler text, clearly there just so the vertically oriented infographic would fit on one page without a ton of white space.

    Of course, they could have just laid out the graph horizontally instead of vertically, even remaking the graph might’ve taken less time than typing 😂

  • Comicspedia

    24 hour fitness is hands down the scummiest gym I’ve ever belonged to. They fought me so hard on trying to cancel my contract because I was moving across states, I had to send mail with my name on it from an address that didn’t have another 24 hour fitness within 30 MILES. I’ve heard of gyms being difficult to cancel, but their “no staff on site” business model means they only deal by phone, fax, or snail mail. It was absolutely ridiculous.

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