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When you’re driving through Texarkanbamantukeyginia

When you’re driving through Texarkanbamantukeyginia

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  • yblame

    What a shame to even have to put a sign on a rental car because of this political nonsense.

    Had a rental with California plates last spring while my car was in the body shop for 2 weeks. Was so happy to get my car back. This shouldn’t even be a thing!

  • _Smoke_N_Oakum_

    I lived in Wyoming for 2 years with California plates… I literally got pulled over once a month, five miles over the limit and such.

  • izzo34

    Took a trip summer 2020 during the pandemic. Rented a car with California plates. 3 people tried to run us off the road in Utah. Called the police and each time, the person doing it said because they thought we were from Cali. They didn’t think we should be traveling during the pandemic. As if we wanted to. Two family members died and we had to go take care of business.

  • Petal_Chatoyance

    What ***deeply hateful states*** that such a sign would be considered useful or necessary!

    Fuck all of them for that.

  • Clobber420

    Just reminded me of when I moved to AZ for a while in like ’04. People would tailgate me and put their high beams on all the time when I had Cali plates on my old ass Peugeot. Finally got my AZ plates and all that stopped, lmao. Got randomly pulled over a lot too.

  • Dagmar_Overbye

    To people not comprehending this level of state to state hatred I have two thoughts. One. I’m from Michigan and we 100% have to watch our speed when we drive through Ohio. Two. You do all remember that this country fought a literal Civil War once right?

  • pizark22

    We had a rental with Jersey plates,driving through Alabama and people were blowing horns and flipping us off. Never happened when we did the same thing with Tennessee plates…

  • amurica1138

    Oddly the opposite is not true.

    I’ve driven in deep azure Blue Western WA in a rental with Texas plates. No issues, at all.

  • fatnoah

    I live in the Northeast US and for Spring Break one year, a couple friends and I drove to Florida in a van borrowed from the business one friend’s mom owned. The business was “Yankee Cupboard”.

    We didn’t think anything of it until we pulled into a gas station in Alabama late one night and had a “right out of a movie” experience. The attendant, who was standing at the door, looked at the van, looked us up and down, and then spit out some chewing tobacco and and drawled “Yankee Cupboard, eh?” as if asking for some explanation about what we were doing there.

  • Tyson_RavenWolf

    When I was a trucker, I worked for a company quite boldly named “California Freight”

    I had a route in Texas hauling bulk milk in a tanker from one Texas town to another Texas city, and yet, people assumed I was from there. I’m from Colorado

    But, regardless, about once a month on my route someone would deliberately cut me off, and not just in front of me, they would nose in on me on my driver side steer, and cut in my lane before they passed

    I started calling this maneuver the “Texas Handshake”

  • Rad_Dad6969

    Virginia doesn’t give a fuck. The northern quarter of our state is just as aggressively liberal as CA anyway. Also neither does anybody. There are deep red parts of California where you can find some of the most conservative Americans, and they’re proud Californians.

  • redMagicole

    This is real! A unmarked unit pulled me over with Cali plates said I was going 84 in a 65. I told him the truth “look officer yes I was speeding I was going 72 in 65. But I have my wife and mother in law in the car do you really think I could be going that fast?” Went back to his car saw I was military and came back and said to slow it down have a great day. Only ticket I was will to go to court for if he gave me one. Because look if I was doing the crime I’ll take the punishment. You going to Throw bs at me because of your own beliefs or thoughts then I’ll do everything in my legal power to fight.

  • leadfoot9

    Honestly, I visited the South recently, and half the cars didn’t even have license plates.

    Yes, I’m back safely now. Thanks for asking.

  • tcstanier

    Petty and sad if anybody cares that much about your plates.

    I moved to Texas from California and severely procrastinated on getting my plates updated. Never had an issue. Not once.

  • RanjuMaric

    Virginians don’t hate drivers from California, we hate them from (in no particular order) Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

  • WestOrangeFinest

    Coming from someone living in Orlando, and all of Florida more broadly, this is a pretty foreign concept to me.

    Sometimes I feel like half the cars in my city have out-of-state license plates.

  • Cloudrunner5k

    When I got out of the Navy, I drove from my last station in San Diego to my HoR in New Hampshire. I had various stops (motel stay, gas, piss, lunch, etc.) in Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virginia. I felt it ironic that many “‘Muricans” were posturing like they were going to jump me based on my California plates, not knowing I had just spent 12 years defending this country. I shit you not, on a lunch stop in Missouri, people actually followed me to my car, cops were glaring at ME! Not watching the impromtu posse stalking me.

  • ichy4

    In the 80s, our summer road-trips to the east coast garnered a lot horn honking to wave hi and everyone wanted to ask about the beaches and Hollywood. Times have certainly changed

  • um_chili

    Dude all these people who claim to love America and then fucking *hate* major parts of it and the people from there. One of many shitty things about the US in the post-9/11 decline is the hypercharged regionalism. Not sure if that’s a driver of polarization, a product of it, or both.

  • LouQuacious

    I drove 37k mi of mostly back roads all around the US with ÇA plates, including the South and had zero hassles. This was in 2018-19.

  • Onehappyazn

    I traveled around Utah and Colorado with Cali plates and no one bothered me, met a lot of nice people on the road. Side note some Utah people be driving fast af.

  • khast

    Reading through the comments… Anyone remember “United we stand, divided we fall.”. Holy fuck had this country fallen, hard. If one state is so hated that people are willing to cause bodily injury or threaten the people driving etc…. This country is so far divided. Way to go politics, don’t care who, politicians have done such a great job at polarizing everything, and everyone loses.

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