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What’s the solution to a new FZero without cannibalizing Mario Kart 8D’s playerbase?

What’s the solution to a new FZero without cannibalizing Mario Kart 8D’s playerbase?

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  • ChaosEchoGaming

    Honestly, if Nintendo really cared, they would release a high effort F-Zero game and let the fanbase decide which game is more successful.

    Families will obviously lean toward Mario kart because it’s wacky, it’s luck-based, and “LOOK! Mario!”

    Competitive players will obviously lean toward F-Zero because it has cool battle mechanics and racing tech.

    Nintendo will ignore the fact that their target audience grows up.

    And then we’ll get stuck with nothing but items and meaningless ‘customization’ for another 30 years.

  • Zaptagious

    Where Mario Kart is more casual and kid friendly, F-Zero could be catered to a more hardcore audience. GX was HARD.

    Either way, there is room for two racing franchises on the same platform

  • Squadaloo

    The solution is to make the game? They play fundamentally differently, F-Zero is about twitchy extremely skill based game play where Mario Kart is a more casual experience for players of all skill levels with fun items and wacky course obstacles. Saying they’re too similar because they’re racing games with zero gravity is like saying “how can they possibly make another Kirby game, Mario already runs and jumps.”

    The real answer to why there’s no F-Zero despite Nintendo’s discussion of them being too similar is that F-Zero doesn’t sell well enough in Nintendo’s eyes to warrant another one.

  • Poutine4Supper

    its not the same at all. Its like saying Nintendo can’t make another Kirby game because they have Mario.

    F-Zero GX is my favorite racing game, and Mario Kart don’t really do it for me. I’ve been waiting 20 years for a new one, and I hope Nintendo don’t share this attitute.

  • Sirromnad

    Maybe if nintendo did something like I dunno, maybe not release a new full mario kart in 10 years there’d be a nice gap for a brand shiny new racing game, but they wouldn’t do anything so silly.

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