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What my cat does at night

What my cat does at night

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  • Findesiluer

    I would not sleep a wink from the moment my cat entered the room even though I imagine she would be just as sweet and affecitonate.

  • IVIonsta

    When you open your eyes are you actually waking up or is that more like a sleep walking thing where you are still completely out but move and look around?

  • Ninjacobra5

    Cat: “Human, after a thorough examination of the space constraints concerning the bed I’ve come to the conclusion you’re going to have to get rid of the woman.”

  • sirbruce

    Your cat is preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep if it’s waking you up that often. You need to start locking the cat out of the room for your own health.

  • Revlis-TK421

    Waiting for the film that goes:


    whilst you flail about in the comforter trying to get the cat away from your face =P

  • 360SubSeven

    If it bothers you, you should play with your cat before bedtime until it is exhausted and sleeps aswell. It takes a few days and the cat will sleep when you do.

  • Shapoopie86

    Man, I felt bad doing it, but I started kicking our cat out of our room at night a year or two ago. I never realized how much he was jacking up my sleep until I got to experience how much better I felt waking up with him out of the room.

    Sleep is so important for health. I love my cat just like you love yours, but it is not worth sacrificing good sleep to have a pet in bed with you.

    One thing I did and continue to do is give him treats before I close our bedroom door and go to bed. There was some meowing at the door at first, but he got used to it.

  • sibtiger

    The part at 1:30 is very familiar to me… Thankfully my cat doesn’t do it when I’m asleep, but first thing in the morning she’ll do that sort of thing. Except she literally flops into me (like hard enough she bounces on the bed a bit) and it’s the cutest thing I have ever experienced.

  • ____phobe

    Congrats you are that cat’s favorite human. You should feel proud and honored. It’s a special responsibility bestowed upon you.

  • chabye

    I’ve been there.

    For the sake of your health, you should keep the bedroom door closed with cat locked out.
    It will be painful for the first couple weeks cus your cat will probably meow and scratch the door all night. DO NOT RESPOND. Eventually they’ll accept their fate and just wait until breakfast.

    This will add up to hundreds of hours of better sleep before you know it.

  • Tex-Rob

    It looks like you might not have the choice in that room, but man, a king size bed is such a wonderful thing if you’re a couple + pets. It’s so weird how big the jump from Queen to King is.

  • Ghede

    My cat used to climb between my legs when I fell asleep.

    He’s been gone for 10 years now, and every now and then, I dream of a cat walking up and curling up between my legs.

  • monkeybuttsauce

    Can’t believe I watched that whole video waiting for something interesting to happen. So your cat does normal cat stuff, cool!

  • mightymouse513

    I’m pretty sure at least 2 of my cats are up to similar sheninagans at night.

    The void just sleeps around my feet but every now and then he’ll try climb onto my chest for night time cuddles. He gets super content at night and just starts to purr and knead and suddenly want to be close to other living things. It’s a little weird, he’s usually pretty aloof during the day.

    The tortie roams around. I’ll wake up with her in my pillow next to my head, I’ve woken up in my back with her in my chest (I’m a side sleeper so she must convince me to roll over in my sleep?), and she’ll head butt my husband to get under the covers with him. I’m not good enough for that I guess.

    I only notice these things if I’m naturally waking up. I sleep through the sheninagans otherwise. Unless the void starts kneading the dogs face during his nightly content phase – the dog doesn’t like that and usually yelps lol

  • ciroccoo

    cats get so bored at nite, they are wide awake and the rest of the house is dead asleep. my cat does the same in order to wake us and get some sort of reaction lol

  • b1tchell

    I could never do this. Our cats are put outside the house at night. They bugger off and then return at 7am for breakfast when I get up and let them back into the house. I can’t leave them in the house at night they make too much noise, let alone my bedroom.

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