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What game has the coolest main menu?

Call of duty: Black ops is in my opinion the best menu i’ve ever seen. Starting from the chair Mason is forced to sit in and listen to the dialogue just draws your interest directly. What other games has a different/creative Main menus?

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  • Skate-Jam

    For me . .

    The first time I booted up five nights at Freddy’s help wanted VR . . . Checking out the surroundings with Bonnie Freddy and chica standing on the showtime stage, but when I turned around to look at the seating plaza behind me. 🤯

    Foxy the animatronic is just standing there posed to mangle, behind me literally right there. 😱

    Jump scared before even starting the game!

  • Where-the-mods-at

    I always liked *Command and Conquer: Generals’* main menu which is basically *Black Hawk Down* meets the Iraq War. Continuous ‘Murica vs Terrorism.

  • Ven_ae

    RDR2. Good music, good scenery (possibly related to story progress). Perfect.

    Borderlands 3. It has two songs based on the time of day, plenty of shit happening in the background, can just sit and chill. Honourable mention for BL2 as well.

    Satisfactory, I guess is worth a mention as well. It’s been different with every major update so far, with a factory of sorts running in the background.

  • ZorkNemesis

    Surgeon Simulator’s menu is just you sitting at a desk in an office. You can interract with most everything on the desk in the same horribly awakard way you perform surgery by moving your hand like a claw machine. There’s a ton of achievements just for doing random things like writing on the clipboard or throwing something into a nearby garbage can.

    While it isn’t much, I always liked how in Super Mario Sunshine on the file select screen you had full control of Mario. Even with the limited space you could still mess around with most of his jumps and techniques.

    By all accounts, Splatoon’s plaza/square/city is a main menu. You can freely explore the snall space before entering the lobby/shops/single player modes and observe all the detail of the world and the squid shitposting.

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