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What $40 gets you Today.

What $40 gets you Today.

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  • WinkumDiceMD

    The game costs money but the cosmetics are “free”

    The game is free but the cosmetics cost money.

    We entered some sort of Bizarro world.

  • ZeroInspo

    Let me remind you people kind of chose this. The loot box system was infinitely better but people had complains about that too.

  • thewalkindude

    This post is idiotic. You get all the stuff that was included in OW1 for free. OW2 skins are horribly overpriced, but they’re optional. It’s not like you’re paying 80 dollars for the full gane, and then 40 for 2 skins.

  • AperoDerg

    I mean… if you give Overwatch 2 a few years, it probably will have years of map making and hero making?

    In fact, you get all the stuff on the left in Overwatch 2?

    This post is pure, unadulterated capital G gamer shitpost.

  • dan1101

    Or instead of buying that crap you could buy Vampire Survivors, Shadow Tactics, Superflight, Dead Island, Stick Fight, Warhammer Vermintide, and Call of Juarez Gunslinger and still have $5 left over for a cheeseburger.

  • anotheralpaca69

    Seriously, why won’t you guys shut up already? I played OW2, thought it was okay. Uninstalled, moved on with my life.

    Let… it… go.

    Also this post is wrong, all the crap on the left is included for free in OW2.

  • No-Obligation8217

    People actually defending this by saying the game is free. Overwatch wasn’t free, and they deleted OW 1 to make room for OW 2. THIS IS AN UPDATE THAT ADDED FREE TO PLAY, NOT A SEQUEL!

  • Ok-Ambition-9432

    40 dollars also gets you dark souls, dark souls 2, shovel knight treasure trove, minecraft+terrarja, or celeste+hollow knight.

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