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We take Bluetooth for granted.

We take Bluetooth for granted.

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  • justxkyle

    Now I remember why I have a slightly modified av cable for my OG 360, I remember something about having to remove the casing of the cable end to make it fit with all the other shit I had going on back then. I think I had HDMI out, used the aforementioned cable to get audio to my turtle beaches, then another adapter in the mix to handle my capture card, my Xbox was really over worked, shocked I never got a RRoD..

    Thanks for unlocking this memory for me OP!

  • Woah_Fella

    I remember having a 10ft aux cable to RCA adapter plugged into the output of my original Xbox.

    Also pre-wifi, I got sick of constantly moving our router from our family computer room to my 360. So when my parents were away, I ran an Ethernet cable from the computer room, into the basement and into our living room. My dad was so pissed when he found out I had drilled holes in the house but applauded my ingenuity.

  • DanteCoal

    The 360 was a fuckin’ mess. This isn’t a BT vs Wired thing, it’s that the 360 was a wreck. Proprietary everything, external everything, extra cords to hook your cords into your cords so that they could plug into your external cord management system, had to get a dongle for wifi, an external HD-DVD player (how’d that work for ya, Microsoft?), bulky swappable HDDs (that you could just modify yourself with any regular laptop drive), etc, etc.

    Some great games on that system, probably more good exclusives than any other MS console, but good gawd was it a chaotic mess.

  • TerminusTB303

    I didn’t have to do all that with mine.. I had the Xbox headset that plugged directly into the controller that worked just fine for years until I switched to the Xbox 1s

  • debaron54

    Nothing to do with Bluetooth your comparing to 20 year old system and tech lol

    I can plug any pair of headphones into my controller these days.

  • Roman_____Holiday

    We? Back in my day we had huge tangles of unlabeled USB cables twisting around the room and we were thankful, we were happy for the privilege of a simple universal connection for all of our electronics. We’d look back and forth to find both ends of the same cable, then struggle to turn and insert it the correct orientation. Good times.

  • breakfastclub1

    Everyone says they don’t want to talk to people on their games, but i honestly miss the trash talk days. Some of that shit is legendary now

  • ophaus

    Never. I remember, when I was very young, if you wanted to play a game in color, you had to leave your house, go to an arcade, and carry 14lbs of quarters while some shitty game kicks your ass. I feel real and actual delight every time I boot up my PS5 in GD 4K resolution and play while feeling the haptics of a wonderful game. Without cords! Fucking magic.

  • 0xB0BAFE77

    I use Bluetooth when hardwire isn’t an option.

    Wireless anything for gaming is horrible.
    I refuse to use wireless keyboards, mice, or even wireless internet.

    Hardlines are reliable AF and don’t easily suffer from interference.

    Bluetooth is just there as an alternative when needed.

  • StoneyCalzoney

    I used to soundboard on XBL using these headphones – if you plugged in an audio output into the pink mic jack and also had it plugged into the 360 controller, the audio output would start playing directly through to lobby chat. The mic on the headset was unusable when soundboarding, but being mute was worth it for the shitty soundboards

  • Crimson_Raven

    I actually kinda hate bluetooth.

    This is more for PC, a lot of devices from different manufacturers often don’t play well with each other. They can come with weird bugs and be unreliable between different software and games. With a jack, I know my connection is good.

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