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War of the Worlds – 30 Minutes of New Survival & Exterminator Gameplay

War of the Worlds – 30 Minutes of New Survival & Exterminator Gameplay

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  • k_gabriel

    It shows a lot! But I supposed it’s a bit hard to replicate the tension felt from the movie but it’s WIP anyway. All the best to the dev.

  • Hydronium-VII

    This isn’t horrible but yeah this has a very different feel than the movie. I think the major difference is that the movie actually had lots of other people, in some cases hundreds, who also didn’t know what was going on. Showcasing the mass hysteria that would most likely take place, no matter what your background is everyone felt that same fear at least partially. In this you get a few NPCs here and there that seem like they were training since birth for this day to come, no fear, no anxiety only action.

    This might just be an immersion thing for me but the buildings being cut up into perfectly sliced polygons kinda made me laugh. This matters a little less at night, game seems a lot closer to the movie atmosphere during night time. It might be a huge undertaking and ultimately unreasonable for the devs, but I’d love to see the destruction that is present in the game “The Finals.” Also having a stereotypical laser beam/ electric zap sound isn’t helping, that should definitely be changed.

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