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Wanted to be that house for halloween, didn’t get a single trick or treater.

Wanted to be that house for halloween, didn’t get a single trick or treater.

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  • Maxwelwild

    I did the same and got about a dozen and it’s about a quarter of what I had last year. Why are kids just not into Halloween any more?

  • LeximusButtacus

    Update: a pair of teenagers came by, so we got two. TWO. Yay.

    Update the second: got in touch with the local youth homeless shelter, we’re taking our excess candy (including 2 bags of fun size candy not pictured), the cards & popits over to them tonight. It’s a bit late, but I hope they love it! Thanks for the idea- i would’ve just eaten the candy & been sad about it. Now it can still spread joy.

  • Wiggy_0000

    Trunk or treat things are becoming more popular. Most of my friends didn’t door to door trick or treat with their kids this year.

  • squeakyc

    I stopped buying candy for Halloween when my wife died. No one ever came for years and she would sit there waiting and waiting.

  • maybeinoregon

    Dude, you still *are* that house! We had the opposite happen…went from a few treaters to a full blown zoo this year. Give out your stash to randos over the next few days…it’ll make their day.

  • PizzaWall

    One year I decorated, bought full-sized candy and an emergency came up. I put a full bowl out, let the kids decide what is the right amount to take and left to fix the emergency.

    When I came home, I had a few wrappers on the ground and a full bowl of candy. The only visitor I received was a raccoon. He ate his fill of candy and moved on.


    We had a grand total of 15 trick or treaters. All nice kids, but it’s truly sad how many parents would rather go to a trunk to treat, a waste of childhood in my opinion. Only a few years ago would there be like 300 kids going through my neighborhood for hours. Now we have a half big bucket full of candy left, I’ll probably give some to my friends or something, still it’s really sad how much Halloween is falling from grace. I hope somewhere kids are still being taken trick or treating all the time instead of just driving around, go for walk it’s good for you not just driving around everywhere. Kinda a rant I guess sorry.

  • Adventurous-Cup-595

    One year, 1 little girl rang our doorbell, so my mom just went “fuck it” and poured the entire bowl into the girls bag, and her eyes went HUGE. Glad to know we made at least one kids night

  • laclair1000000

    You should do it again next year. I do the same and have a ton off candy left over. I brought it to the hospital I work at. I feel it’s important to try and be the world you want to live in. No matter how small.

  • mvw2

    Me 4 years running. I’m in a dense city area with children. I grew up in a more rural area. It turns out that in cities, there are apparently only specific, well established areas people go to, and unless you actually grew up here, you have no fucking clue where that is. When I was a kid, we just went to every house in the neighborhood, just everything around us, seemed normal. City trick or treating is apparently a whole different ball game.

    So yeah, dense residential with tons of families, literally have a school a couple blocks from me, zero trick or treaters. It’s super weird.

  • kfbrewer

    We used to never get trick or treaters, maybe a handful until we moved to our new house.

    Got about 170~ this year, down from 210+, and yes we’re one of those full size candy bar house.

  • Custodian_Carl

    We’ve never gotten a lot. I hadn’t thought about it but my wife was always pretty bummed. I bought a smoke machine and strobe light and set them on the porch. Turned on the porch light, left the door half open and within minutes had some kids and throughout the night we had car loads and groups of kids stop.

    Such a stupid little thing made a huge difference. I took my 5th grader out through the neighborhood and they freaking loaded him up. Overall, 9/10 Halloween for us.

  • ogmarker

    Yeah this year was particularly dead in my neighborhood. One neighbor across the street went all out with a not too spooky light show thing and they set up like a little table in the driveway so you wouldn’t even have to go to the door but… it was a lot for very little turn out. I threw my trash out at like 8:30-9 and I saw one group of kids at the very end of my street, and then a man and woman with their kid in a stroller coming down the street like two houses away.

    2020 and 2021 felt much more active, pandemic and all. I also just learned of “trunk or treat” which just… doesn’t feel right. Smh.

  • jbarinsd

    We have a street in our neighborhood that goes off. Almost all the houses extravagantly decorate (think animatronics, lasers, smoke etc) Several do full on haunted houses. My friends who live on that street spend hundreds of dollars on candy every year. One year she counted and got between 750-800 trick or treaters. It’s very cool. That said, I’m about four blocks over and got three groups. Maybe 7 kids total. Which is typical. So this street pulls all the trick or treaters. Maybe there’s something similar going on in your area?

  • navsingh12

    You have to sit outside & pass it out. They will not knock on your door anymore. Saw lots of older kids walking around with their friends this year which made me so happy. Those kids missed out on almost 3 years of fun, take all my candy if it makes you hang out together & smile

  • superjanna

    Lots of comments here about Trunk or Treat etc, but where I live, the issue is destination trick or treating! Everybody drives to the “good” neighborhoods to go trick or treat in a giant crowd, leaving all the other neighborhoods totally empty

  • HardGayMan

    Here in Alberta we probably got more than I’ve ever seen. My brother in another town said the same thing. It was like back when we were kids. Everyone is coming out of Covid mode and going out with a vengeance is what my guess was… After two years of no trick or treating the kids have had enough lol.

    Edit: also, it’s been the first Halloween with no snow in years. That probably helps. It was a perfect, slightly chilly but nice night.

  • Ambitious-Relative18

    I’m screaming. I know the feeling of waiting and thinking, “they’ll come” or “it’ll happen” and just the ware and tear of that feeling as it gets later and later and no one shows up. Every time you glance at the clock more time has gone by and still no one. And your only closure is– times up. Nobody came. I did all this, for someone else to enjoy, and no one came. For all the times I, and everyone else, has had to feel that way, know that what you did was the coolest shit ever. Child me rang your doorbell and you totally made their night.

  • LoudAd6083

    The only one that walked up our driveway was a 35+ year old dude so we gave him some candy and a cupcake which he devoured on the spot.

  • Lunar_Gato

    We live in a rural area that’s not conducive to trick or treating. For 20 years my dad puts out candy “just in case” but we all know it’s an excuse for us to eat some


    I had the exact OPPOSITE tonight. I almost didn’t buy extra candy to make sure I had enough because last year I only got about 15 kids. This year had at the very least about 100!

    Best costume was tie between a little girl who was a huge claw machine! Wore a dryer box all decked out and had the cut out with her head under the claw and a bunch of stuffed animals around her. Then the little dude who was a vending machine in which his display window was his extra candy bag! I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures!

  • djdaze

    Meanwhile our nest doorbell camera had 1600 events on it yesterday. Average is 100. We estimate about 700 kids came by. Went through 8 or 9 big bags of candy, giving most kids just one piece each. We were tapped out by 7:30.

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