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Walter White’s house from Breaking Bad in Albuquerque. Owner is not a fan of the publicity.

Walter White’s house from Breaking Bad in Albuquerque. Owner is not a fan of the publicity.

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  • Count_Dongula

    For a while they had a problem with people throwing pizzas on the roof. I can’t blame them, as I hate it when people litter near my apartment, and that’s just negligence. Imagine waking up in the morning to find a bunch of pizza thrown around your property.

  • ugh168

    I work in film and television production. I will never let a production use my home to film because I know what kind of damage will be done plus this kind of shit the owner of this house as to deal with.

  • mavsman221

    im curious. i wonder if the house has higher property value for being the show’s house, or lower because of all the attention?

  • Aselleus

    I guess they got tired of people trying to throw pizzas on their roof, stealing lightbulbs from the outside lights, and people breaking into the backyard.

    The family that owns that home had lived there for years prior to the show being filmed, so it’s sad it came to this. When I did the BB tour years ago the homeowners were sitting in their garage and seemed pleasant, so if it turned into what it is now then something drastic must have happened, or they were just tired of disrespectful people.

  • Count3D

    Wow. Took a road trip through Albuquerque and stopped by to see this house about 10 years ago. Owner was outside, asked if it was ok to take a photo. She said yes, just don’t come too close and no pizzas.

    Shame it’s come to fences. I want to believe there’s a way for them to make money and fans get to see the house up close, but what do I know, maybe they had a bad experience with a fan, maybe other neighbours don’t want to encourage people hanging around, or maybe they want a piece of whatever deal could happen.

  • bulboustadpole

    Fun fact the show was never filmed inside the house. They made a bigger version of it on a soundstage and only filmed the exterior shots there. Same with The Office except the first season was actually shot in the building before the set was built on the soundstage.

  • sunburn95

    I went there in like 2016 and this stuff wasnt there, a lady was sitting in the garage with the door open on a fold out chair and waved at us

    That was at like 1pm on a tuesday too

  • crackersncheeseman

    People would steal the outside lightbulbs to smoke meth out of them just so they could say the lightbulb came from the Breaking Bad house.

  • ForcedLaborForce

    All comments are asking why choose to live there, but I ask why choose to visit? It’s a fucking house. I just don’t understand this type of tourism.

  • cepxico

    When I had moved to abq for a year I of course went around looking at the famous spots. The big ass car wash (was right down the street from me), the hotdog place, the weird big wall of concrete, Jimmy’s office, etc.

    Their house at the time wasn’t fenced yet but they already had a big sign out front saying “this is private property”

    I imagine years and years and years of people coming up to your house and taking pics, getting up on the property, and just people being shit probably ruined it for them.

  • catcatherine

    what possesses normal people to track down a nondescript house forma tv series anyway? Don’t they have better things to do?

  • Netprincess

    I used to live by them.

    People have bothered them and drive by honking at all hours of the night.( and us as well)

    I recently saw a troll video of a guy yelling at the owner that he wants to come in.

    I feel sorry for them they have been hassled since season 1….

    I would not be a fan of the publicity as well..

  • sufferpuppet

    Guy is doing this all wrong. He should be selling the Walter white experience and let people pay him to throw pizza on the roof

  • mrfuffcans

    A lot of people don’t seem to understand simple numbers, and just have this entitled clueless attitude that the public should be welcomed by the homeowners at all times.

    Just do some math guys, say a 1000 people a year want to see this house, of those people 90-95% of them are decent, respectful, and courteous; that still leaves 50 to a 100 people who are absolute shit heads.

    Imagine dealing with that? 50 people a year (one a week) just coming in and being invasive assholes. Stealing shit, blocking your driveway, coming on your lawn, coming into your backyard, looking into your windows, ringing your doorbell, throwing a pizza on your roof etc etc, That would/could sour anyone to any of the attention.

    There’s a few things anyone who thinks the homeowners are assholes for getting angry with tourists need to be informed of:
    A) it’s not a museum
    B) it doesn’t belong to the public because it was seen on a popular television show by millions
    C) and most importantly, blame those 50 assholes who ruined it for everyone *and not the homeowners*

    This goes for any landmark, from any show or movie anyone has let onto their property. It’s crazy and telling that so many people just think they should be allowed to go wherever they want to because they saw it on a screen.


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