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Walmart Any%

Walmart Any%

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  • Codebender

    That’s more or less how cashiers do it. There are often two barcodes, and there’s almost always one on the back/bottom.

  • Rowbot_Girlyman

    At Kroger, if you scan the alcohol first and keep scanning, it will beep but not add it to your ticket till the attendant punches in your birthday. Sometimes the minimum wage worker won’t know or care and you can get all of your groceries for the price of a bottle of whiskey.

  • Khaldaan

    A real speed runner would look at the boxes in the time walking to grab each item. That’s guaranteed spent time, so looking in between and knowing/not having to guess now saves time at checkout.

  • Christehkiller

    actual speedrun tip:

    most items are small enough that if you twist them quickly in an infinity symbol shape you can quickly scan all sides but the top in a fraction of a second.

    you can further increase your odds as 90% of american products put the bar code on the bottom so by combining these tactics we can scan without looking 100% of the time and nearly always get a hit.

  • Suspinded

    Put the box with back/bottom facing both scanners. Spin the box in place if it doesn’t work. If that don’t work, there’s no hope. Restart the run.

  • theninjaslime69

    100% is one of every kind of product, 200% is like 100 but diferent brands count as diferent products too, 300 is every VARIATION of product (like all the diferent shampoos) and then 1000% is buying EVERYTHING

  • Tidybloke

    The key is to

    1. Know your products, know the fastest route to the product, know where the barcode is on the product.
    2. Optimise your route, also strategise the product placement within the trolley/basket to save time later at the checkout.
    3. Distractions – It’s important that the checkout is free when you arrive, you may need to account for distracting other shoppers to free up checkout space.

  • fatpad00

    We bought loofahs last week and the barcode was on a tag on the string. My wife laughed when I held the loofah and just flailed the tag at the scanner until it scanned. It’s way faster and easier that holding the tag, making sure my fingers aren’t covering the barcode, then holding the barcode to the scanner.

    Anyway, most boxed items will have a barcode on the back in one of the bottom corners. On rare occasion the barcode will be centered or on the bottom. Cans and jars, the barcode is almost always at the nottom edge of the label. I usually just set them on the scanner and spin.

  • lappyg55v

    Aldi actually takes this into account and has larger and sometimes multiple barcodes on their products. Speeds the checkout.

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