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two guys bamboozling a driver

two guys bamboozling a driver

two guys bamboozling a driver from funny

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  • cwalsh9three

    This brings back some good memories. Did this a few times when I was younger, my whole team (hockey) would be out there messing around. Some people loved it & laughed. Others very much so hated it & thought were going to seriously damage their car.

  • gratefulphish420

    I can’t decide what’s funnier the kids doing this or this guy’s giggle, I absolutely love both to pieces

  • lynniam

    I used to do this at night when I was a kid, and it usually worked. One time the car stopped, some teenagers got out and grabbed one of my friends, threw him in the car, and drove off. We freaked.

    A couple minutes later he came walking back down the street, and told us he was so scared that he vomited in the car, and they threw him out. What joy.

  • Cashew-Gesundheit

    “You like pretending to pull on a rope? Why don’t you come to my back yard and pull some weeds?”

    -Grumpy dad response

  • kelowana

    A couple of teenagers were doing it close to where I live, though I saw it was fake, but stopped, jumped out of the car and helped one side with pulling. We won by dragging the other side almost over the street!

    We all had a great laugh and they loved me just participating in it!

  • doingthehumptydance

    Some neighbourhood kids did that on my street, only when the car stopped a third kid ran out from behind a bush with a gas can filled with water and started pouring it on the car.

    Then the police came and they don’t do that anymore.

  • LordJokester

    All fun aside, the way I’m paranoid (and given some stories from where I live) I’d think it was something to make me get out of the car then get jumped/mugged, so I’d probably floor it

  • Fromanderson

    Years ago I was heading down the road in my old beater car when some kids picked up a black rope and held it in front of my car like the guys in the video.
    I slowed down to a crawl, and they just stood there giggling.

    Figuring I’d call their bluff, I just eased right into the rope, and kept rolling at a crawl.

    The kids immediately let go of the rope and ran off laughing.

    I smiled a bit and pulled forward planning to pull over and take the rope off my car. That’s when there was a “THWANG” noise and the “rope” snapped.

    We’d had a storm earlier and that “rope” was the downed wire bringing cable and internet to the whole subdivision.

    It was probably already damaged, but I finished it off.

    I wonder how funny those kids thought it was when they got home and discovered they had no tv or internet.

  • SpongeJake

    Had this done to me when I was a teenager. Two kids pretended to pull a rope across the street. The moment I rode down the street on my 10-speed they jumped up, pretending to pull the invisible rope with them. It worked. I thought for sure I’d hit the “rope” and over-corrected and ended up going ass over teakettle. Got some road rash too. Good times.

  • tjsr

    I remember many years ago seeing a video of some kids pulling this prank on a major road and causing a multi-car crash when the driver at the front braked hard at speed. Oops.

    Yeah, they got out of there quickly.

  • MuadDave

    Some kids did that in the Wicklow mountains in Ireland while my wife and I were visiting. We were leaving a pub and we saw them preparing in the distance. I told my wife to hang on and as they pulled the ‘rope’ I slammed on the brakes. They were laughing their heads off; so were we. It was so refreshing to see such innocent fun.

  • JavaLava45

    Did this with friends as a kid in Atlanta and some guy pulled a gun on us all pissed off. Probably didn’t help that we had those stupid CoD MW2 Night Vision Goggles on lol

  • Silly-Ad-8213

    This worked on me once I’m ashamed to say. The kicker was one boy “threw” the rope and when the other “caught” it, he made a motion like he missed it and picked it up, then they “pulled”

  • beauz44

    I did this as a kid with my buddy… the dude let his two black labs out of the back seat and let them chase us for a quarter mile. I have never ran so fast in my life. Play stupid games though.

  • skyornfi

    Two kids did this across the main road through my village in front of me and my motorcycle. Terrified me for a moment…

  • germansnowman

    We once took a camera with a flash and hid in the bushes on the side of the road leading out of our small town, where people would start to accelerate even though they technically should still keep the speed limit. The drivers would think they ran into a speed camera and slow down right away 🙂 But yeah, we were scared.

  • partkyle

    I’m conflicted on this because it seems harmless, but any kind of prank that impedes traffic can cause real damage, even though they are faking it.

    I had a friend who had just bought a motorcycle. One night he came home from work and decided to go back out to get ice cream. In the time he was home, some kids wrapped some plastic wrap across some poles on both sides of the road. When he was coming up on it, he didn’t see it until it was too late and tried to avoid it. He took a pretty bad spill and had to walk his bike home and get a ride to the hospital, and by then the kids had taken down the plastic. They never came clean about the situation. My friend was pretty messed up for a while, but didn’t have any major permanent injuries.

    I know this isn’t the same thing at all but I think it’s best to avoid pranks involving roads and cars. Who knows, maybe an inpatient driver behind the other guy isn’t paying attention and this could cause something serious.

  • Carburetors_are_evil

    We did this once as kids. It was getting dark near a campsite. A guy on an enduro motorbike freaked out, layed her down at like 30 mph and broke his ankle. The bike also broke the clutch lever on the handle. We were hella drunk for our age, but called the ambulance and when they came they just hauled his ass in the ambulance and we walked away. Cops didn’t show. That’s eastern Europe for you.

    Sometimes the imagery still haunts me.

  • DontCatchLigma

    Me and a friend tried this and it worked exceptionaly well on one car he was stopped for a full minute at least until my friend gave up the act but even then didnt move on. Turned out he was arriving home and I was standing infront of his driveway. We left very quickly

  • V1per423

    I had kids do this to me once. I got out with my fake scissors and cut the fake rope. I was laughing like an idiot the entire time, kids just make life better. Those kids though, ahhh I’m giggling just thinking about it. They never broke character. As soon as I cut the fake rope they both toppled. It was fantastic.

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