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Twitch banning gambling be like

Twitch banning gambling be like

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  • camouflage365

    This is such a bad take on the whole situation.

    The steps Twitch are finally taking are GOOD. Stop trying to make them seem bad, because the holes they left open are nowhere near as big as the ones they closed.

  • TheKvothe96

    Poker is not as bad as gambling. Poker experts win money because they know how to play better. Slots are a completely random that you cannot control anything to win.

    Sports betting is gambling for sure too.

  • mugwort23

    Hey, my kids are at school can someone help translate these sentences/sentence fragments (?) into standard english for a boomer please?


    >coupon code spend Johnson for 53 coins don’t get it twisted…


    >You can’t be gambling the kids know bad you’re making us look out there.

  • Kidrellik

    Every single time a social media company or big site bans something bad, this dipshit comes in and is like “yea they ban but not ban this so doesn’t matter!”. He did the same thing with Andrew Taint

    Dude has no concept of nuance

  • DuoCultellus

    Man I hate it when I like a YouTube creator, and then at a point seeing their face gets tiresome because they don’t innovate. Like they made good content and they didn’t stop making good content but they never learned to stop making the same type of video over and over again.

  • usernamefromhell

    Streaming is stupid in its entirety and adds nothing to civilization. I’d be fine if it all went away. People like xqc don’t deserve to be millionaires, especially when they don’t do anything to earn it.

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