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Trula – Blue morning build me [indie](2023)

Trula – Blue morning build me [indie](2023)

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  • Skavau

    /u/rgrwilcocanuhearme, your submission has been removed from /r/listentothis for:

    > **Vague and/or Incomplete Genre Tags**

    This post was removed because it doesn’t have sufficient genre tags. Please revise and resubmit with more descriptive genres listed.

    We know genres can be tricky, and we want you to be descriptive in the sharing music. That’s why we encourage multiple genre tags for each post. However, since we want to give listeners an idea of what they’re clicking on, below is a list of genre names that need to be combined with more specific genres/descriptors in order to be used.

    The following are examples of genre tags that are not sufficient if used on their own:

    * Indie
    * Chill
    * Alternative/Alt
    * LoFi
    * Electronic



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