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To Snitch or Not To Snitch

To Snitch or Not To Snitch

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  • compsncars

    Oh I’m fkn snitch’n in 4k resolution, I’ve done it before for free.

    We had a person who would leave their condo and grass area, then walk their dog right in front of the grass of our door. They would never pick it up. Stepped in it 4 times. Neighbor next to me stepped in it on the way to dinner 3 different times. After the 4th time, I knocked on the door and she told me to fuck off.

    Fuck that dog owner. They made themselves the target by inconveniencing the rest of the community. HOA fined em 300$. 50$ is a steal.

  • KaiWenXiao

    I got fed up with it at my old apartment and spent an hour bagging up every dogs left over poop at my apartment dog park.
    Put all the bags of turds on the park table with a, I’ll admit probably overly dramatic, written note about how people need to pick up their dog poop.

  • kintleko

    Dog owners that leave dog poop behind SUCK. I think they are a bigger problem than the poop-snitchers. You step in that shite and it *really* affects your day, especially if you don’t have access to a hose outside to get it out of yer shoe crannies. Dog owners that walk away and leave landmines deserve to be fined!

  • Master-Dot-2288

    If you dont pick up after your dog WHERE YOU LIVE NONE THE LESS you dont deserve your neighbors loyalty. Sing like a canary

  • bingold49

    I walked out a high end apartment complex for work once with the head of the building and I noticed the place had a dog park on the top floor. I asked how he kept the dog crap under control. He explained that part of the pet deposit includes a fee to have a DNA sample of their pet put on file with a certain company (they use a clipping of fur.). However if they ever leave their dog shit, he boxes it up and sends it to that company and they tell him who the dog belongs to. First two times come with a penalty of rent, the third time they are evicted.

  • Ithxero


    Some new people moved into my cmoplex recently and have a dog that shits like a small horse.

    They do not pick up after him. All of his shit now has the cat gangs shitting in the same area.

    There is a shit war going on and my dog who also likes to shit in the shitzone wants to drag me through it.

    Fuck those people and their tiny horse, give me my $50.

  • DietyLink

    I’ve stepped in dog shit more times in the one year after moving than ever in the rest of my life because of inconsiderate assholes like this. I have a recording some woman acting like I was beneath her cause I yelled at her for doing it while she was on the phone with a client. I hope she didn’t make the sale, fuck her and everyone else who does this.

  • anon1635329

    How is this snitching? They are shitty pet owners who are selfish and inconsiderate. I wish my apartment had this policy

  • Red_PandaBandit

    Dear OP. You have done the impossible. Posted something to reddit that nearly 100% of the commenters are in agreement with each other. Well done.
    P.S. Snitch, people who don’t clean up after their pets are more annoying than lip spittle.

    Edit. Word.

  • EricAndersonL

    I’d buy nice ass dslr camera and snitch every single one of them. Some entitled fks at my old apt wouldn’t pick up their dogs shit saying it’s workers job. Management wouldn’t do shit so nice luxury apt started to look like literal shit.

  • Deltas111213

    People not picking up poop got so bad at my old apartment that the complex put out a rule saying that all dogs need to be brought to the office to have dna swabs done so they can match the dna to the poop left and penalize the owners

  • embarrassed_error365

    As a dog owner who picks up their poop and has stepped on other people’s dog’s poop, I would snitch

  • Gypsy702

    Honestly, I tried speaking to a neighbor before and they didn’t do anything about it. If I knew they were petty and dismissive about my issue, I’d be petty right back.

  • OoopsieWhoopsie

    Hell yeah I’d snitch multiple times if I get $50 off rent every snitch. But my neighbors are nice and pleasant so probably not at my current location. My last location, 100%.

    We have an open backyard and with permission from the landlord, the guys got together and built dog runs for each unit. We were going to build a fence, but we figured that we’d rather not risk fights between the dogs or them all escaping. We are all responsible for cleaning out our own dog runs (they are like very large outdoor kennels for those who aren’t familiar with the term.)

  • MRG_1977

    Snitch. We had a neighbor doing that. Saved his dog’s poop for a month and then deposited it all over his driveway one night after asking him multiple times to please use a waste bag. He stopped after that.

  • SophosMoros7

    Post your address, all of Reddit will bring their dogs for you to take pictures of and you get to live rent free.

    Gotta say that landlord has a really weird fetish, but hey that’s their business.

  • inscrutablepancakes

    I told my propery manager that the lady below me keeps letting her dog out to piss on the hallway stairs, and he said “What am I supposed to do about it? She’ll just deny it” I’m like dude.. I don’t know, but I’m not a property manager and something like that seems like it would be in your purview

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