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This is what the epitome of predatory loot box looks like, Diablo Immortal streamer gets one 5/5 star gem after spending NZD 24,995$ ($15,763+USD)

This is what the epitome of predatory loot box looks like, Diablo Immortal streamer gets one 5/5 star gem after spending NZD 24,995$ ($15,763+USD)

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  • ShiftYourCarcass

    The lootboxes in diablo immortal are in the form of legendary crests which can be purchased using eternal orb only obtainable from the cash shop. Every elder rift allows you to slot in a maximum of 10 legendary crest which is around 25$ per run. Its lootboxes with extra steps

  • thugstin

    Whales like this guy are part of the problem.

    Buying these just reinforces the practice.

    Its gambling, and science has shown gambling addictions are very real. Introducing kids and teen to gambling is a recipe for disaster later down the road.

    Edit: Seems like the streamer did this to point out these practices. Still he gave them 15k. I think there is a better way to point these out than this but what do i know.

  • Forsaken-Thought

    I love the logic here. Give the company you hate a shit ton of money to prove they like money.

    (Edit: This comment is getting more attention than I expected lol. If you wouldn’t mind however reading the comments that preceded as they are starting to repeat. Thank You)

  • Seedy__L

    That’s a years wages raising a daughter alone, working part-time for me here in New Zealand. How depressing lul

  • Darkest_Soul

    So in other words you can either buy 10,000 legendary crests, or if you don’t want to spend any money you can alternatively grind for 833 years with your 1 free legendary crest per month for one 5/5 gem

  • Testabronce

    Dont get mistaken. The fact that Diablo Immortal already generated 20 million dollars is the epitome of human stupidity and the reason why the gaming community deserves everything bad that is happening

  • Theinsulated

    It’s time for people to accept that they’re just not in Blizzard’s target audience anymore. This is no longer a beloved studio of gamers producing amazing games for gamers. This is a studio of corporate executives looking out for their shareholders. I don’t understand why so many people still give this company the time of day.

  • vendilionclicks

    It’s the craziest thing in the world.

    Streamers, who thrive on donations and subs and attention, love to throw their opinion around about how predatory a game is, all the while spending money on it and *helping* it succeed, all under the guise of “helping” consumers.

    This streamer in particular helped boost a game that most of the Internet claims is predatory, and the community praises him for it…

    They’ve turned your online activism into another product that you willingly pay for.

    Capitalism at its peak.

  • PrometheusAborted

    The absolute idiots that gave money to this guy just so he could blow it on this disgrace of a game dont deserve to have money.

    Fucking imbeciles, all of them .

  • PeterPorky

    In Japan gacha games are so popular they have laws so that after spending a certain amount of money you’re supposed to be guaranteed to get the loot you’re looking for.

  • Kultir

    These stupid fucking streamers funding this shit, so the shareholders continue to think it’s a good idea to make this kind of toxic bollocks.

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