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This game sucks because

This game sucks because

This game sucks because from gaming

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  • Familiar_Alps2534

    That’s all Fans of any older games realistically it’s just Sonic fans get shafted because no one knows what to actually do with him

  • NickMalo

    Frontiers is empty? Force? BOOM(s)? 06? I love sonic, but they’ve been doing it wrong with every other title. It upsets me 🙁

  • ChaosMiles07

    When you can find less bugs in a _fanmade Sonic Flash game back in 2004_ than in current modern licensed Sonic games, you have to take a step back and wonder.

  • shadow_mind

    Honestly? I kinda like how different the games get. Don’t get me wrong they need quality control desperately, but it’s kinda fun seeing the wacky shit they come up with. Shadow with a gun and branching narrative paths depending on what objectives you complete? Decent idea. Changing gameplay between speed and beat ‘em up? Decent idea. Changing the villain from eggman to a different entity or group? A little refreshing. I’d love to see sonic games get wild and go out there with their concepts, but given the quality control of a Mario game.

  • ProtectionDecent

    Single? My man, they have a single something, a single merit, it being Sonic himself, amongst the absolute train wreck of issues.

  • Aenerion33

    From the outside (thank god), the sonic fanbase acts more like the reverse of this post. They only compare Sonic with Sonic, a bubble so to speak. Star Wars is the same thing, just have to look at the recent phenomenon: suddenly the prequels became good movies because the modern sequels are trashy… but in the end both are trashy, lol one bad product does not “erase” the other bad product from existence. If you compare Sonic with the entire market, 2D or 3D regardless, Sonic looks like garbage in comparison. Rayman Legends, Mario Odyssey, Tropical Freeze, Psychonauts, Shovel Knight, etc.. you name it, Sonic don’t even scratch that level of quality

  • Herpderpkeyblader

    Seriously these dense motherfuckers don’t understand how much business they would get *BACK* from old fans if they just made ANOTHER FUCKING CHAO GARDEN.

    everything would be worth it. I’d drop another 60 on release day to bask in the glory of Chao garden even for a weekend.

    There’s only one way they’ll ever redeem Sonic and that’s with Sonic Adventure 3.

  • Cleverbird

    I’ll never understand how the Sonic franchise is still enduring after so many failures and stinkers. This fan base must be masochistic.

  • luxurycrab

    Idk if its because i was a kid but sonic adventure 1&2 were broken janky messes with terrible animation and all kinds of flaws, yet still incredibly fun games to play. Id take a modern sonic game like that, flaws can be oberlooked if its *fun*

  • Moola868

    Even the few good Sonic games have more flaws than most games, they just had redeeming qualities, most notably the Chao garden.

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