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Think video games today are expensive? Look at 1996.

Think video games today are expensive? Look at 1996.

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  • Grecko-Gecko

    Those are 1990’s dollars too. A $59.99 game then would be around $80-$90 today.

    Edit: some people are saying according to inflation sources, the price would be over $100 in todays dollars.

  • LocmonstR

    First of all that’s Canadian. Second of all most games are at, or above this price currently in Canada (atleast in my region)

  • theguverment

    Oh man, Die Hard Trilogy on the PS1 is such a great game. I never got close to beating any of the 3 modes but I had such a fun time playing it. There’s a documentary about the guys making it and trying to get it to perform as well on the other systems but it’s never quite as good as the PS1. I hope you have a great day!

  • Ellemeno

    All of a sudden I’m even more appreciative of my parents who took my brother and me to Toys R Us to buy us a new video game for our PlayStation (we were poor). I still remember that employee who told my dad that the South Park video game we wanted wasn’t for children so we settled for Spyro.

  • Holinyx

    pfft. back in the day, computer games had a strict no return policy. because you could just copy the game and return it if so. There were no videos you could watch to see if the game was any good. All you had to go on was the pictures on the back of the box.
    You just had to pay for it and hope for the best

  • ianwrecked802

    God I remember drooling at that fucking flyer when I was a kid. Nearly shit when I saw Mario’s happy fucking face lookin’ at me flyin’ around all fuckin’ careless and shit on Christmas.

  • s317sv17vnv

    Is this Australian currency by any chance? Since 1 AUD is worth significantly less than 1 USD. Also, seems worth it in the long run either way to get a complete game while these days you spend years and $100s on DLC.

    Edit: or Canadian. Not sure where Toys R Us existed outside of the US if they did.

  • Negafox

    That was one of the reasons why the PS1 vastly outsold the N64. I used to pick up so many Greatest Hits games for $19.99 or less. And stores would fire sell some titles for like $5 in a discount bin.

  • Robftw

    The prices have stayed the same because they put less game in your game now.

    Back then you got the /entire/ game for that money.

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