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Think Grocery Prices Are High Now? Just Wait.| Robert Reich

Think Grocery Prices Are High Now? Just Wait.| Robert Reich

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  • bikeidaho

    As a person who used to frequent the original 17th and state Albertsons and knows the family personally.

    Fuck this. There is no way this is good for anyone besides the shareholders.

  • HardToPeeMidasTouch

    Companies have already been brought up in front of the government to answer questions and have their numbers looked at.

    I just want to know if their margins have actually remained flat. If they are only making that supposed “1 dollar for every 25” then it makes sense that they make more money if prices for everything goes up. Instead of someone buying 150 dollars worth of groceries now they are buying 200.

    If that’s the case is a business supposed to lower their margins more than they already were? We didn’t have an issue before inflation and rising prices and the war in Ukraine. It sounds heartless but it’s a business and it’s goal is to make money. It’s not a charity.

    Look to the government and changes that can be made in the economy to bring prices down. It’s not up to the business to do that.

  • Evening-Aggressive

    This is just one of many examples of companies that should be broken up for the good of the economy, the country, and the people

  • Reelplayer

    These two companies combined will still be behind Walmart in grocery sales. This is a scare video by a man who loves to talk to the common person as if he isn’t a multi millionaire, but rather just a normal guy who knows better than you.

  • w4laf

    Thankfully, I live in an area where neither of these two have much (if any) market share. Albertson’s left town with their tail between their legs about 10 years ago, and Kroger has never been here. Kroger is trying to get a delivery business off the ground, but so far has had little to no impact.

  • utrangerbob

    I’m just happy we have HEB. Kroger and Albertsons keep trying to make inroads and get slapped out every time cause they can’t compare.

  • -seabass

    Robert Reich is an unintelligent socialist hack who disseminates harmful propaganda based on a flagrantly incorrect understanding of economics.

  • trucorsair

    It’s amazing how everyone thinks he walks on water now, where was this intellect when he was Secretary of Labor and pushed HARD for NAFTA and all the “benefits” it would bring American Labor….

  • rksd

    If that merger would go through, I think in the Phoenix area we’d be left with Kroger-owned (they already are here in the form of Fry’s), Walmart, (sorta) Target, and the last regional chain left here, Bashas’/Food City. Safeway (already acquired by Albertson’s a few years back) and Albertson’s are all that’s left.

    There’s a few good singleton/a few location grocery places here (mostly Asian or Hispanic markets) but they’re certainly not everywhere, either. I’m fortunate to be close to three good ones, but lots of folks here are not.


    The free market seems to love the benefits of a monopoly, it’s almost like we could benefit from having one that the people governs for themselves so that this efficiency could benefit everyone

  • garlicroastedpotato

    Good ole Robert Reich never really providing any information or data to prove his point, just scare stuff. Do we have statistics on how many Albertson employees also receive government aid? Oh, it’s actually 40% and Kroger has more attractive wages than Albertson? That’s crazy that he would bring that up because it would go against his point that the merger would end up hurting workers!

    He also doesn’t bring up Kroger’s position in the pecking order. After this merger is complete Kroger will go from being the fourth largest grocer in the US to…. oh shit…. the third largest grocer…. after Walmart and CVS. They’ll be damn near tied with Costco.

    And what? If you only have an Albertsons in town and a Kroger, Kroger will be forced to divest from one of their grocers? Wow…. that’s so terrible.

    But yeah the tightest margins business is going to see widespread price increases in groceries because America’s 8th largest grocery chain is merging with its 4th largest. It’s just total nonsense spouted by a former secretary who for whatever reason… has never been tapped by Obama or Biden to run a department since his failed Clinton days.

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