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These students were suspended for protesting the Vietnam War. They brought it all the way to the supreme court and won. (1968)

These students were suspended for protesting the Vietnam War. They brought it all the way to the supreme court and won. (1968)

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  • DeepSouthDude

    Most Americans today can’t even conceive a time when protesting peacefully meant getting kicked out of college.

  • Twin-Turbos

    And now their peers have put “Justices” on the court that will make sure something like that never happens again.

  • Shuggy539

    Vietnam Moratorium Day 1969, I wore a black armband to 9th grade and was suspended for three days. My Dad wasn’t impressed, but later told me he’d drive me to Canada if I got drafted.

  • Comprehensive_Post96

    A good number of graduating seniors did not receive their diplomas in my town because they had peace signs on top of their graduation caps at the ceremony. I think it was months later, and a lawsuit, before they finally received diplomas.

  • Stained_Glass_Dude

    Whenever someone on Reddit disses boomers I think of the viet nam war. Thousands formed mass protests across the country. At times the protesters were beaten and locked in jail by the police. More than 58,000 Americans died in that war which affected hundreds of thousands of people back home

    The aftermath was horrendous. Those who saw action and came home suffered from PTSD and order mental illnesses. The suicide rate of the survivors was extremely high. Many who came home settled into life and raised families. Those kids often suffered from physical and emotional abuse because the men who served could not deal with what they were forced to do in the war. In high school you knew who those kids were. Those kids were often bullies or depressed and withdrawn. There were support groups specifically for those kids

    This is why today there is a push to “Thank a vet for his service.” No one thanked the viet nam vets. The propaganda machine convinced many people that our vets were intentionally blowing up civilian towns and killing everyone. Many came home to hostile protesters who called them baby killers. Some protesters even spat on soldiers when they came home.

    My father in law saw a lot of action. He is 72 and still has nightmares today. The war changed and shaped his life. He has has been anti-war since the day he came home – or perhaps even before he got home.

    It was not all puppies and roses for boomers. Reddit likes to look at financial statistics and draw specific conclusions about what life was like for boomers, then get pissed because life is different today. Life for boomers was nothing like Reddit thinks it was.

  • EricTboneJackson

    Kinda relieving to hear that the profound idiocy of suppressing free speech on college campuses has always been a thing and not just another symptom of our times.

  • thirdaccountwtf

    See, kids, the “Supreme Court” hasn’t always been an absolute disgrace. Once upon a time, it was actually concerned with truth and justice, unfuckingbelievable though it may seem.

  • Pvdsuccess

    I protested the war, nuclear power and civil rights. It really gets me that those actions today might be considered domestic terrorism.

  • Lucifurnace

    I had an idiot friend that tried to use this case as his reason to be anti-mask at the onset of covid.

    Ive grown more accustomed to his absence than his idiocy.

  • dkwangchuck

    Sadly, if this case were to go before the current SCOTUS, Alito would not only would rule against the students but also find them to be terrorists that should be given life sentences of hard labor. Thomas would write a concurring dissent that argues that instead these students should be executed. Roberts would also write an opinion about how the court doesn’t need to go that far in order to silence these uppity kids, but definitely agreeing that these kids need to be silenced.

  • ThyShirtIsBlue

    I can’t wait for today’s Supreme Court to overturn this landmark decision and to have Mary Beth and Chritopher permanently imprisoned/executed for their transgressive lack of patriotism.

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