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The West Wing: when a Supreme Court nominee does not believe in a right to privacy

The West Wing: when a Supreme Court nominee does not believe in a right to privacy

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  • TJ_McWeaksauce

    The West Wing is the purest of fiction, because the politicians in it are competent (or undeniably brilliant, in the case of the top characters), altruistic, incorruptible, and they argue in good faith. In real life, these kinds of politicians are depressingly rare.

    Veep—in which every character, regardless of party, is a stupid, selfish piece of shit, and the government is barely functional—is closer to reality than The West Wing.

  • Thomas2311

    Watching the News taught me a long long time ago that The West Wing was a utopian fantasy when compared to real world politics. Aaron Sorkins masturbatorium.

  • MonsieurKnife

    Maybe meta can create a virtual world where Supreme Court justices care more about the constitution than religion.

  • RealDexterJettster

    I loved West Wing during the Bush years. Today, I fucking loath it because people in Washington still act like the show reflects reality where conservatives are honorable and just have different views and the government actually works as intended.

    Veep is more reflective of reality.

  • chunkyle

    Idolizing the west wing is unfortunately how we got here. It’s political fanfic that is nothing to do with how real politics works and democrats’ performative high mindedness has made their opposition to the hard right feeble and often completely hollow.

  • pr177

    If you didn’t oppose masks and vax mandates, I don’t want to hear a word out of your mouth about a right to medical privacy.

  • gw2master

    The West Wing is a piece of shit and a big part of why Obama, and Democrats in general always lay down for Republicans to run roughshod over them.

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