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The Super Mario Bros. Movie – Final Trailer | Illumination

The Super Mario Bros. Movie – Final Trailer | Illumination

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  • AstralComet

    Aha, *there’s* that Luma from the McDonald’s toys. I wonder if it plays a bigger role than it seems, given that it earned a toy? Then again, maybe it’s just too cute to pass on, merch-wise.

  • Cloudclock

    This actually looks kind of amazing? I feel like every new trailer is slightly better than the last, though I am concerned that they’re showing off a bit too much of the movie. Apparently, it is only an hour and a half long. Anyhow the hype is real!!

  • insertusernamehere51

    OK, this isn’t directly related to the trailer, but the announcement that they’re going to be displaying Mario’s shoes is fucking hilarious

    Like, you are going to recreate one article of Mario’s clothing and you chose his SHOES????

  • In_My_Own_Image

    Didn’t expect the Mario movie to have a Kart based action sequence, but that looks pretty dope.

    I’m so confused by Pratt’s voice. Some clips, like the first trailer or the scene of him exploring the Mushroom Kingdom, he has a clear NY accent. Others it sounds like he has none. Maybe different versions before he settled on a final voice?

    Regardless, it can’t be overstated how gorgeous this looks though.

  • bashothebanana

    Diabetes for the eyes in the best possible way. Was that the upside down pyramid from the sand kingdom in Mario Odyssey? Seems like the amount of references here is going to be pretty wild. Even seeing the anti-gravity wheels from Mario Kart 8… all this has to be is decently good and I’d say fans will be happy! The music sounds great, too.

  • _Donut_block_

    This was clearly made with love by people who are huge Nintendo fans, even that not so subtle nod to shortcut on Rainbow Road where you purposefully drive off the track. I went from cautiously optimistic to full on hype for this movie

  • Unite-Us-3403

    “Koopas! Goombas! Whatever those things are!”

    Apparently, the Spinys have just joined Bowser’s kingdom a short while ago.

    PS, Eric Bauza had an undisclosed role. I wonder if it’s the locked up Luma who had its own McDonald’s Toy. Oh, and there is the Penguin King again.

  • brb1006

    Who else is very looking forward to seeing this movie’s closing credits. After seeing how well-executed the credits for [the two Sonic]( [Movies]( (especially Sonic 2) turned out. I’m really eager to see how The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s closing credits would turn out. This fan animation on a Mario Movie Credits from [10 months ago would look was super decent.](

  • LeVampirate

    At this point it’s a must watch for anyone with a modicum of interest in the franchise because holy shit that rainbow road segment alone looks like it’s going to kick 12 kinds of ass.

    And FIRE DONKEY KONG? Just seeing him in a hero role after whatever the colosseum fight will be looks sweet.

    Also, I’m giving it a 35% chance we get someone doing an Akira slide. Probably Peach

  • Jedi_Pacman

    All the sound effects from the games and the music (even though this track is only for the trailer ik) is great. This movie’s gonna be really fun and I love how even the old NES era sound effects fit perfectly here

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