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The speech given by Andor’s Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) on “sacrifice” is so pure and such a masterpiece.

The speech given by Andor’s Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) on “sacrifice” is so pure and such a masterpiece.

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  • apple_kicks

    There’s a pause he does before the speech where it feels like he’s holding back running over and hitting the guy for assuming he hasn’t made a sacrifice. Quality acting where you still sense what’s going in inside the characters mind when the actor isn’t talking.

    I haven’t read the article yet on how parts of this is inspired with history of Stalin. I can see Luthen understanding that fighting oppressor means facing violence and backlash. But if Revolution wins you don’t want the Revolutionaries like him who see deaths as necessary/sacrificed his humanity near power because sacrifices turn into horrors of four year plan and arresting citizens or allies you saved due to paranoia of seeing them as agents of oppressor. Then again Luthen seems aware if this with the lines of never getting gratitude or enjoying the good days that come after defeating oppressor. Makes going back on Forest Whitaker almost anarchist speech scene where he susses how too dangerous Luthen could turn out to be (maybe another palpatine) who’ll stab him in the back if the rebellion succeeds. Forest Whitaker character fights because he has his people who he cares for, Stellens character just fights and sacrificed that care for humanity in himself. (Now got to rewatch stuff lol cose it’s got me thinking like this character wise to be sure)

  • fiercetankbattle

    There is basically nothing else on this sub now except posts about Andor. So many great shows to discuss, yet, as usual, Star Wars is the limit of the discussion. Tedious.

  • NeitherAlexNorAlice

    This is what I tell my SO every time she says why I haven’t been to the gym instead of shoving pizza slices up my glands’ hallways.

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