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‘The Mole’ Netflix reboot trailer

‘The Mole’ Netflix reboot trailer

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  • tham1700

    That show was the shit. Takes me back to when if everyone was home you all watched as a family. No way to record with tapes being obsolete and t-vo or whatever that brand was called sucked and was crazy expensive so if you didnt want to hear a shitty recap from someone you just had to be there. Its crazy how fun just watching tv used to be not too lonf ago

  • Century22nd

    Can we Reboot “Reboot”? That classics tv cartoon for adults that are now in their 40s and 50s? Let’s Reboot “Reboot”!!!!! We can call it Re-ReBoot

  • rockinoutwith2

    This ‘reboot’ looks too glossy and polished, unlike the original (non-celeb) “Mole” which was a lot more gritty with contestants of all ages.

  • cheeeeeeeeezits

    Why is the entire cast young Instagram models? Maybe I’m off base here but I feel like that golden era of reality TV competitions (The Mole, Survivor, Amazing Race, MasterChef) was at its best when the contestants consisted mostly of regular average joes, and there was some diversity in age, occupation, life experience, etc…

  • MaleNudity

    The Mole has such a great concept. I always wondered why it didn’t flourish like Survivor and The Amazing Race. I’ll definitely check this out.

  • The_Firmament

    3 week event? So it’s only going to be 3 episodes? Or are they dropping multiple episodes within a week?

    That’s kind of disappointing, but maybe they’ll be extra long ones or something or it’s just cause Netflix is testing the waters on how successful it’ll be. I was hoping for a full go, but honestly, I’m just glad it’s back at all!

  • VaguelyArtistic

    There’s something about watching the original show, and many of these older versions, before the internet was ubiquitous, that adds a different flavor.

  • MikesCerealShack

    When I was in high school, I only had one night off a week at my summer job and I always negotiated to have it be the night The Mole was on. The other guys in the kitchen would eagerly agree to give me Tuesday night off if I covered weekends for them. Yes, you would be correct in assuming I did not have an active social life.

  • Kilmerval

    I didn’t watch the American version of The Mole but we had an Australian version and I used to love that. They always hid clues to who the mole was in the intro and promos etc then would end the season with “by the way we told you who it was all along”. I wonder if they’ve done something similar here – the closest I can find potentially is a shot where they’re all standing by the plane and you can see 11 contestants and the host, so someone is missing – but that could just be coincidence.

  • dasheeshblahzen

    I loved The Mole wrap up episodes at the end where they explain everything to all the contestants and how they got duped, and how some contestants were seconds away from leaving but they did the quiz faster, etc.

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