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The Midwest Goodbye

The Midwest Goodbye

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  • climb-it-ographer

    Only problem is that Irish goodbyes tend to involve everyone standing on the porch for 15 minutes saying goodbye, then going back inside for another cup of tea, then a second final round of “I should really be going”s.

  • LooieKablooie

    The Tupperware joke is too real. Through my childhood my family had dozens of cool whip containers, and I never once saw them with cool whip inside. It was typically frozen hot dish.

  • BlueFalcon89

    Checking out appliances and lawn equipment is so true it hurts. Also, “all right, one more beer” nine times in a row.

  • PancakeParthenon

    The knee slap and “welp” is legit. You do that then everyone stands up and follows you to the door. Take another five minutes of chatting. Someone will invariably follow you to the car for another five minute chat, and then you can leave (with leftovers, in a butter tub).

  • bacon_catz_karma

    I’ve been loving this guys content lately, it’s all spot on and yet it’s nice and clean humor. Just classic stuff and I hope he keeps it going

  • EmbarrassedCup1315

    There is an eerie permanence to Mid-Western parties

    Like if you left the party, and came back 3 days later it would still be going on type vibe

  • romafa

    This is the second video I’ve seen in as many days with these dudes and I love it

    Holy shit! Just checked out their YouTube page and found out they did the husbands at Target video!

  • gigem9000

    Omg. The cool whip container got me! I married into a Wisconsin family and I’ve had countless leftovers served out of cool whip containers 😂

  • Irregular475

    This got much funnier the longer it went on, and the ending really makes it. Also, main dude has some great acting chops. Even with the over the top faces he never seemed too goofy, and when he said he had been there for 5 year, the emotional hurt in him was real.

    This is the good shit.

    Edit; Also want to add that my family does this exact shit (minus the tupperware cool whip) whenever we get together. Reading the comments, seems worldwide. Ain’t humanity beautiful?

  • DankyTheChristmasPoo

    When the old lady tells me it’s time to go it actually means crack your last beer for the 30 minutes of goodbyes.

  • Sirisian

    This is so on point at least in Michigan. Every thanksgiving. The table of euchre especially. From the time you show up at my grandmas to leave there’s a group playing cycling in people.

  • martinsonsean1

    I go with the “Phantom Goodbye” where, once I leave, no one is really sure I was ever even there in the first place.

  • fulthrottlejazzhands

    I’m from the Midwest and always thought it was a Midwest thing. Then, I moved to France — same. It’s obligatory to have “un verre de plus”, which normally means 2-3 more drinks and a a half an hour of “bises” goodbye. Then, I moved to England — same again. “Aw mate, just one more. And here take this dozen pastis for the trip home”.

  • DocBrownBear

    In Michigan, if you don’t have at least three other conversations while you’re saying goodbye;
    Then you really didn’t say goodbye.

  • CAJ16

    The more I watch Charlie, the more I understand my dad (and by extension myself), who was raised in a Chicago suburb, but then moved to Southwest MO which is where I was raised. I honest to God had no idea where my brothers and I got “Ope” and “Sneak right by ya” until last year in his comment section.

    Anyways, this is a long way to say that now I’m kind of a Midwest transplant by way of SWMO via extension of my Father that now lives in Western New York droppin’ “Ope’s” all over the place.

  • CPower2012

    Reminds me of trying to leave my parents. You end up standing by the door with your jacket on chatting for at least an extra hour.

  • incaman88

    I think Peruvians are the midwesterner’s of South America cause I can relate to almost all these jokes. I’ve drank over a 6 pack when trying to leave on some ok have one last beer and then you can go. Also, for family parties you have to dance with all your aunts and cousins before you leave.

  • Zicon4

    Lots of people on social media love to shit on the Midwest, but they really are some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet, strange as they are. Great skit!

  • gregorianballsacks

    By the time my Midwestern husband let’s us leave somewhere I’ve grown to hate every one there and socializing in general. If I Irish goodbye, I end up remembering it fondly.

    I cannot be doing that long goodbye shit.

  • The_DaHowie

    I once visited a friend’s home while living in Minnesota, moved there from TX. After the afternoon wound down and I had said my goodbyes, I suddenly found my sitting at their kitchen table having dinner. Some spooky shit happens when you say goodbye in the Midwest

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