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The Mass Effect Andromeda trailer had no right being this good

The Mass Effect Andromeda trailer had no right being this good

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  • Eirikur_da_Czech

    It seems pretty good to me. MEA was the first ME game I ever played and I really enjoyed it. But after playing the trilogy I see why people were upset. It was not really like the trilogy.

  • Wulfger

    I only played it well after Bioware had a chance to fix the launch issues and I thought it was actually a pretty solid game. It’s a shame they didn’t give it the time it needed for that last layer of polish before release, I think it would have had a very different legacy.

  • mchockeyboy87

    Bugs and other issues aside. I think Andromeda is a pretty good game. It just had the unfortunate aspect of being named Mass Effect. and riding off the coat-tails of the first 3 games.

    Mind you I played it after Bioware fixed all the initial issues. So I don’t have a first hand account of how bad it was at launch. But the version I played was pretty smooth. Not as polished as I would have liked. But that’s EA for you.

  • Express_Particular45

    Andromeda has some really good features and some really bad ones. Supposedly, the dev team had extremely ambitious ideas, but the process was mismanaged and ran out of time and money and the scraps were rushed into the product we have today.

  • nogoodgreen

    I played day 1 after loving the originals and to say it had some issues is to be a comedy genius. Was bugging out in the first cutscene where Sarah wakes up on the table her hair and face kept going ape shit and from there everything went downhill for me.

    The combat in the open world just didnt work, enemies clipped into terrain and boxes more often than not or spawn in the ceiling and air in settlements making them unbillable. The ice world you can land on in the first few hours kept killing me slowly over time due to not being near the heat lamps, except i was standing in the god damn heatlamps and it wasnt registering it. I have no plans to go back and try to finish that game.

  • shejmus

    Played through the game, enjoyed the powers, you can feel it was a precursor for the Anthem.
    It’s too short and ends pretty abruptly and the ending is dumb.
    RIP Bioware.

  • XColdLogicX

    Andromeda had, hands down, the best combat of the entire series. The jetpack was a great addition, and the leveling was great. It gave you the ability to mix up different abilities and classes. Also you could aim over either shoulder. Narratively, it really wasn’t that bad. I think folks were just so attached to the trilogys characters to jump into a new group easily. Also, Ryder being a “joker” by default may not have been the best decision. It just couldn’t get out of the shadow of ME123.

  • Bobguy0

    At the time that song was so over played where I lived I rolled my eyes when I heard It in this trailer too. That being said the game was much better than people made it out to be.

  • Scoobz1961

    I still cant get over how weak and pathetic the male main character looks. Nor can I get over that the two new alien races are kittens.

    Otherwise it was a really good trailer. If they used female lead and didnt show the kitten bad guy, it would have been great.

    Edit: Also lets appreciate the real best ME Trailer – [The ME1: Distress Call](

  • BlazeOfGlory72

    Honestly, the bugs Andromeda had at launch masked what a mediocre game it was at it’s core. Andromeda feels like what would happen if Ubisoft made a Mass Effect game. The writing for the story and characters was dull as dishwater and the combat was generic as fuck. It just all felt so phoned in. There was obviously no passion behind any of this, and instead was just a product they shoved out the door to capitalize on the brand.

  • roguerogueroguerogue

    ME A was sacrificed at the altar of live services for Anthem, which also failed.

    Bioware is comic relief at this point

  • defiancy

    I love, love, love Mass Effect. I’ve played the games maybe fifty times each since they first released.

    I didn’t hate Andromeda at all, my biggest issue with it was just how meh it was after the excellence of the first three games.

  • Cylith_of_Astora

    I forgot that song was so overused back then. Such a disappointing game. Gunplay and driving were great, but that is not the draw to a ME game. Characters were so dumb, all the one liners and jokes felt so out of place. The story was meh at best. Ryder was not important. They were just a vessel to carry what really mattered, the A.I.

    All the real things that needed to happen that saved everything was because of the A.I. in their brain solving it. Terraforming? A.I. has it handled. Deciphering an alien language never before seen in no time flat that lets you control this alien tech that lets you survive in this galaxy? A.I. did it. Running every hack, computer, and space station? A.I. does it. Ryder was just its vehicle. Without the A.I. in Ryder’s head nothing would’ve gotten solved.

  • InternalMean

    It had every right being good being the new arc in a already legendary series. It had no right being as broken on release as it was.

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