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The ingenious micro mechanisms inside your phone

The ingenious micro mechanisms inside your phone

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  • SumRWanker41

    That’s actually a really interesting video, and his 3d prints of the parts were so helpful in regards to explaining the concept. He put in a lot of effort!

    I miss this with educational videos, or just education in general. Another educational video with an amazing practical display of a concept is this one:

  • rumster

    Great video and actually blown away but the complexity and yet 5 grade level explanation of how a chip works. Great video!

  • IAmTaka_VG

    holy shit the guy 3d printed the internals? This is 10/10 youtube content. This is what the internet was created for.

  • LinFTW

    What an awesome video with great explanations. It’s incredible that one guy can build physical models of this stuff all by himself when in the past it would have taken a team weeks or months to do so.

  • Sittyslyker

    These are the types of videos where you really admire the creators. That term is so easily thrown around now, like it’s used for a person with a camera who harasses people in public for “social experiments” or someone dumping food on themselves.

    This guy breaks down some complicated niche topics all while investing serious time in the production quality. Great vid.

  • Adius_Omega

    Blown away by the complexity of these devices.

    Everyone has one of these in their pockets. If we could only grasp just how incredible that technology is. Crazy to me how these sorts of microchips can be manufactured so precisely.

    It’s basically magic.

  • rehashed1984

    Fascinating. I had always wondered how this worked. In my head, I imagined some sort of tiny spherical spinning object which did all planes and motions at once. Apparently thats completely wrong. Its almost flat, barely moves, certainly doesnt rotate, and there are six separate components. And, its way smaller than I had imagined.

  • Spirit_Theory

    Printing the internals makes these explanations far better, even if he skips over some of the finer points about the physics going on (which would require delving into actual maths). Really good video.

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