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“The General” – 1926 – Silent Movie

“The General” – 1926 – Silent Movie

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  • ReturnOfDaSnack420

    Buster Keaton’s masterpiece, probably the pinnacle of physical comedy and physical action in the height of the silent era and one of the best silent films ever made. Cannot recommend this one enough. Thank you for sharing!

  • TheBrokenPlace

    I grew up down the road from where this train is located. There’s another movie about it called the Great Locomotive Escape about it being stolen during the Civil War. Not So Fun Fact, right across the road from the museum was Dent Myers Civil War Surplus, one of the most racist places I’ve ever seen.

  • eponymousanonymous19

    Is there a reason why in silent movies the confederates were seen as the “good guys” and then when talking movies came in there seemed to be a complete switch towards the Union?

  • SouthernEast7719

    The scene where the locomotive falls into the river was the most expensive shot in silent film history, over $42,000 and the town declared a holiday, with around 3-4000 people watching .

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