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The game is Tiny Tina Wonderlands.

The game is Tiny Tina Wonderlands.

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  • josh_smashes

    A great step from Borderlands 3 but I gotta say the guns weren’t to great. The shotguns almost always sucked and anything that was a crossbow hit like a napkin.

  • Nodoga1

    I’m playing that rn with my brother and it’s really cool, also props to OP for actually mentioning from which game the pic is.

  • Uncle_Budy

    Wait til you get to the part where the Bard attempts to seduce a door to open it. Brilliant humorous writing in this game.

  • Carbon_Based_Copy

    As a single player.. loving this game. I need 2 more levels for the final showdown, so I’ll jump into some more side quests.. which level with me.

    This might be the first borderlands I complete. And I’ve played them all.

  • Space_fox85

    I’m a few chapters into this game on Xbox with a friend, and the comedy is great. lol. Major props to Ashly Burch for the providing the amazing voice acting for Tiny Tina.

  • KhaosElement

    After 3 I just had no interest in continuing. Following Handsome Jack was always going to be a rough time, but they just failed so completely in 3. Every character was just “***Look at how fucking quirky I am!***”

    All I wanted was a skip all NPC everything button. Never been so happy to see credits roll.

  • Meshuggareth

    I really enjoyed that game. HEY. Smell that? SHRINE PIECE. Core game was excellent. It was just too short, and I was disappointed the DLC was only more challenge room type stuff. The borderlands games DLC is usually pretty awesome.

  • Averander

    The game that could have been so amazing, like it has so much love and heart in it but then you can see how covid fucked really hard with the development.

  • MrCooper2012

    The core game was fun and I really enjoyed it. Beyond that though it was severely lacking. End game is basically non existent and the “dlc” was a slap in the face to BL fans.

  • SovereignShrimp

    As a long time player of the Borderlands franchise, I can safely say this game was amazing. Good writing, a genuinely good villain (leagues better then the twins in BL3), and good gameplay. My complaint lies in the DLC. Put simply, the DLC is terrible. Everything else was great.

  • dibbs34

    Really a shame, that game had a ton of potential.

    Instead, the devs rushed release, and focused the entire game around the repetetive end game loop of Chaos Chambers.

    No raid bosses, no cool ‘One-shot- dnd styled story sidequests, nada. Just farm and loot and kill, ad infinitum.

    Where’s the Strahd-themed Vampire DLC? Or a Waterdeep Heist-style campaign, literally PERFECT for a looter shooter? Against The Giants, so we can fight some big boys?!

    The game is a ton of fun, but IMO offers no replay value after you finish a run of the main story, which in reality is like, 15/20 hours? The potential was there, but the mark was missed.

  • Alternative_Gold_993

    Eh, I feel like it fell short. All the Borderlands 2 writers are gone and they’ve been trying their damnedest to replicate the poetic writing we got in that. Wonderlands to me ends up being more annoying and grating than funny or clever.

    Loud and constant swearing = funny and cool, I guess.

  • BeefQueef_

    Bought it on the series x and it looks horrible on framererate mode, looks very blurry. tried the other mode which looks alot nicer but then you have 30fps with drops.. also the sensitivity on max still feels incredibly slow, i was really looking forward to playing it too.

  • SiriusBaaz

    Genuinely good game that had an unfortunate amount of hype and expectations from previous titles. I wish I had more friends to play it with cause the mayhem just gets more and more wild once you get to max level.

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