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The Children of Sunshine — Dandelions [folk] (1971)

The Children of Sunshine — Dandelions [folk] (1971)

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  • tmamone

    The story behind the Children of Sunshine:

    In 1971, ten-year-old girls Therese “Tres” Williams and Kitsy Christner-Sheahan recorded an album of songs they wrote together under the name the Children of Sunshine (named after one of their songs). Only 300 copies were pressed and sold to family, friends, and neighbors. Then the girls grew up, got jobs, had families, all the other grown up stuff, and didn’t think about the album much after that.

    Until about a decade ago when record collector Chuck Warner found their album in a garage sale and began to spread the word. Then music blog [Swan Fungus Records]( released a digital rip of the vinyl record and interviewed Tres and Kitsy about the making of the album. It has slowly become a cult classic, and it’s fucking awesome! These girls basically invented twee pop.

  • seductive_llama

    The performances on guitar and vocals were inconsistent/sloppy early on in the song but as the found their stride, it turned into a sweet little song. It’s not perfect. The idea is pure and I think its worth a listen. Thanks for sharing.

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