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Tekken Customization in a nutshell

Tekken Customization in a nutshell

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  • BaleriontbdIV

    Yeah my girlfriend just got into Tekken 7 after watching Bloodlines on Netflix and her first match in the tournament mode was against a Jin Kazama with Daisy Dukes, rainbow hair, angel wings, and a saber. She was thoroughly confused.

  • Low-Satisfaction2650

    reminds me of that picture, where some realistic military shooter characters look like soldiers in the 1st “season” and like hello kitty fairies in 8th

  • TheBitsiestBit

    If the game allows you to customize your character and has cutscenes I WILL pick the stupidest clothes before a story mission even if they’re not the best Stat wise

  • DrinkMoreColdWater

    Tekken 7’s customization is absolutely terrible compared to Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag 2. I hate that they made it so streamlined and filled it up with goofy customization items rather than serious and character specific ones.

  • MyStationIsAbandoned

    I wish i could get into Tekken but it just feels so slow and clunky.

    the last tekken game i owned was 3 and i don’t remember it beig so slow.

    after playing other fighting games, especially Dead or Alive which is super fast, Tekken just feels way too slow and stiff.

  • Elfere

    It’s been over a decade since I played a tekken game. Closer to 20 honestly.

    I thought they’d be closer to number 15 by now. Why’d they slow down?

  • Darqnyz

    It’s nice when some of the players go out of their way to make these elaborate, awesome outfits with custom colors and accessories that all match.

    Then you get the person who just clicked everything at random… It’s an eyesore.

  • Colderthree2

    1,000 upvotes! I’ve been playing Tekken for the vast majority of my life, I’m honestly stunned to see the franchise blow up again like it’s the 1990’s.

  • gerald_reddit26

    In the early days of Tekken 7 in the arcades, I recall a tournament that doesn’t care about custom skins so the finals had an almost naked Akuma with showerhead and a spinning lifebouy

  • angelpunk18

    There’s something really jarring for me when you can get skins that really don’t match the thematic oh the game. I know it Can be fun for some people beating the crap out of their opponent while dressed as a teletubbie, but for me it just doesn’t make sense

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